Expanding on my theory about the relationship of mental health and oxygen levels in the atmosphere.

So the other day I presented a theory on why more and more people seem to be depressed today than at any point in history.

Expanding on it i have what I believe is a perfect example to prove my theory. You know how at times you get stuck in places with limited air flow? For instance say a packed Nissan matatu travelling long distance. What is your usual state of mind at that moment? I personally feel moody, angry and quite unhappy in such situations but the moment you step off the vehicle you get this feeling of intense relief triggered by the fresh wave oxygen that suddenly gets to your brain. You feel relieved and quite happy for the first minutes you out of the restricted area.

Now coming back to the world under it’s current conditions, we experiencing quite the same situation.It might not be intense as being in a packed vehicle on a hot day but there exists a decrease in both oxygen levels and the purity if it in the environment. It’s really hard to argue on this findings.

with all these traumatizing road accidents, do you at times feel anxiety over whether you’ll reach your destination at the beginning of your journey?

I get agitated in traffic jams. What amount of oxygen do I need to calm me down in traffic jams?

Do you drive a TukTuk with no air conditioning?

The Tuktuk is well ventilated. But I still get agitated…

No I believe we live, we die and we live again.It’s a natural process we would all go through.No point getting stressed over proven facts.

In that case it’s the increased emissions from other vehicles limiting your oxygen intake and subsequently your brain is gradually being starved off the necessary Oxygen it requires to maintain normal psychological functions.

then why stress us with theories?

I think you are just mistaking discomfort for mental issues. We know we are all a bag of chemicals and anything that influences that more than the mean, otherwise on both extremes, causes an undesirable effect.
Therefore, too much of depressants and you lower bodily functions and too much of stimulants and your heart gives out.

What you are seeing as a consequence of poor mental health is representantive of competition in this world where most people are doing what they don’t enjoy just to survive and the limited opportunities of doing something to earn a living. People are not fulfilled and I would blame that more on over population than anything else and the consequences of consumerism.

You felt stressed?

My point.Too much of a discomfort eventually leads to depression. You push a man long enough and they eventually stumble. The whole depression thing is basically being in a state of discomfort for a long time after which eventually people decide to call it quits. Now imagine you’re in packed Nissan vehicle in extreme heat conditions for a year non stop depriving you of sufficient oxygen? I guarantee you most folks will eventually get depressed and commit suicide. Now coming back to my theory the deprivation of Oxygen in the world is similar, only difference is it takes a little longer to push someone off the hill.

i normally feel sleepy. but i make it a point to sit by the window and crack it open juuuuust a little; enough to supply sufficient o2.

The Amazon forest that is burning produces 20% of the world’s oxygen.