Exit pressure of Cum(Bernoulis' Theory)

Elders who are science competent kindly let’s reason together. As the volume of any liquid in a pipe goes down, the pressure of flow will naturally drop and in this regard to improve the pressure, the only option available will be to reduce the internal diameter of the pipe.

If the above situation is true then let’s look at this situation. As a man advances in age ( 35yrs and above) sexual stamina reduces naturally and the urethra internal diameter increases, cum volume reduces and hence the pressure of a shot goes down. These factors combined leads to total inability of a man to satisfy a female in bed. To curb this situation I hereby wish to find out if there is any medical procedure available to help in reducing the diameter of the urethra in order to increase the cum exit pressure. Elders please advise.

Homosexuality among perverted men is the main reason for reduced libido. Kenyarra @60 years old alikua anadeenyer younglings mpaka wanatoa mbotocopy .
Straight elders can’t relate .

Speak on your behalf fool.

Did you mean to say that pressure of cum is directly proportional to satisfaction in a woman or what’s your point here?

Lemme first make you understand that your basic fluid mechanics here is faulty - throttling a pipe does not increase the pressure - sawa?

Real ignorance is showing here …


Kindly find the time to attend a Seminar by this highly knowledgeable Therapist … :D:D

Within this kind of misplaced logic…you’ll start advocating installment of a hydraulic pump to improve the so call exit pressure

@administrator @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD @Electronics4u please save us from this torture.Please.Enigma keeps getting migraines with every post.

@majizee and @Fixer be slow on an elder, jamani fluid mechanics is not A-B-C-D for some…

@Chiefguest nliona in a video,though i can get or point the source, in some asian countries,walikuwa na vacuum bottles which was placed on “John” and it sucked…ikitolewa,not only was the length increased but they also claimed mtu akishoot bullets, velocity ilikuwa inafika mach 1.5

@Agwambo jaluo chinga kochoa na utoe suruali upanguze Matako na ulale na usinyambe kwa kijiji.

@Chiefguest is @Matapiko ya @Punda . We need to @Purge kenyatalk of such @Village Idler

Nowadays men feast on chips, excess poor-quality alcohol, and soda and have discarded the ndumas, mihogo and mukombero. What do you expect when you’re a “succulent boy”? Eat natural food, exercise and find a balance in your life and performance won’t be an issue. achana jaba na hizi fast foods. Alcohol punguza au ukue na whisky d*k

Mukombero is overrated. I have been taking mukombero uji for 6 months now and I still can’t go beyond 3 shots in 5 hours. When I was a young man I could do 10 shots in 8 hours and still come out blazing