exit Owour enter Thuranira

Someone want to overthrow Nabii

Ata mimi siwezi mind hiyo position ya mighty prophet

Video says too many requests



I knew we were deep in a hole, when BBI team was collecting views in Muranga county, and one man of the cloth opined that , 10 % of the national budget to allocated to the church. i wept for my country that day.

Ati what? Hawa watu akili yao sio mzuri hata kidogo.

Ruth James amerusha mawe police station stating “A bachelor at 30 and above wamerogwa kabisa” :D:D
Mfuate mila au mfuate dini. Both zinasema muowane mkifika rika

‘‘It’s my turn to eat.’’


Wait what?

tafuta clip ya BBI team wakiwa muranga.

And that’s the person who is supposed to shape your kid(s) world view each Sunday. I personally feel that pastors and teachers should be pHD holders.


Prophet Owuor has a PhD FYI from Israel. A science course sio humanities. And most of the pastors in his church are Doctors, nurses, lawyers and people who are affluent . I know several of them and they are very highly educated and very well to do people. That’s the church with the most highly educated people in its leadership.

May be she should tell us if Jesus, Paul, Elisha, Jeremiah, Elijah and many others walikua wamerogwa. Ama ni yeye amerogwa.

Huyo wa muran’ga ako na pHD?

Can you calculate what percentage of the budget is going to corruption before you point fingers at the church. 10% ni kidogo. 30% is more like it.

Why should the church be given 10% of taxpayers money ?

Because they build hospitals and schools which is the work of government. Instead of the massive pilfering in health and education sector more mission run hospitals and schools would do the trick. They also own most rehab centers and children’s home and orphanages. Government needs to support all agencies that perform roles that are roles of government through taxpayers money. There may be many rogue pastors and those are the ones getting the publicity as the devil would have it but the church the world over plays a pivotal role in society. Homeless shelters, soup kitchens for the less fortunate, senior citizens homes. Basically services for vulnerable people groups such as the displaced, services in unstable areas. The list is endless. The church helps governments in their role in so many ways and so government should fund the churches helping them give services that government should be giving to citizens. As a taxpayer I would gladly have that portion go to churches that genuinely serve the needs of the community.

Name one developed country that gives taxes to the church

The thing here is , you give the church it’s 10%, tomorrow the Muslim faithful, hindu, Buddhist and all traditional religious groups will come knocking.
Personally, if the church is given that 10%, mara that that, i start my religion which demand 30% tithing.

You are refusing to get my point. I am not saying give them the money as an amorphous religious entity. I am saying give it to the churches that take up roles that are the role of government. The same way, governments pay individuals or group homes who give foster homes for destitute children. They pay them to facilitate them to offer a service that government is supposed to. Plenty of churches do very important work in various communities that are in the mandate of the government. Buddhist and moslem and the rest of them do not do this at the same scale that the church does.

Churches should in fact start paying taxes