Exes. Hekaya

This kunguru is always on my dick. Kila pahali ananifuatilia na ameolewa. I have no interest in her at all as I dont look back nikiachana na mtu. Many years have passed but this one refuses to move on disturbing our peace with my Ethiopian khupipi. Spying and spreading rumours about me. Huyu hufanywa aje? Na mkumbuke ako na bwana na mtoto. Mimi sijawahi mwongelesha tena since I dumped her.

Arrange a date umchape BDSM kisasawa alaf umdump for good. Worked like magic for me.

haha alikuwa anakusumbua?

Turedio hizi juvenile posts. Warushwe siberia

Mbaya sana

Mind detailing hiyo BDSM kiasi?
Uliingiza chupa kwa nyap??

You are the one who got away:)she will never forget you.
It often happens to married elders.

Ambia bibi how the ex is behaving. It will save you ju the ex will make up a story about how you’re the one making all the moves. If your wife knows atajua it’s the psycho doing psycho things.

amp the disgust level. Arrange a meet-up and make sure your breath stinks to the high heavens. Make sure there’s a booger hanging out of your nose. Forget to wipe – and this is the most important part. Make sure your ass-smell is distinguishable. Yaani harufu ya matako.

If all else fails, make sure you cry in her presence. Though I’m told the ass-smell works like a MOAB. It repels women like nothing else.

Zii, kush alidinywa na strap-on

I suspect you entertain her shenanigans on Social media or phone chats, otherwise, how is she not isolated from your social circles?

Weka the true pikcha of the situashen so that elders wakusaidie. Sisi sio wajinga.

why would you be fucking or entertaining someone you know is spreading rumors about you? i smell lies

Wako.mwinginw aliniita Drug dealer. nikamualika.nikampea bangi.
NikaiLamber visuri saidi

Cut off ALL communication channels with her. Lose her phone number. Block. Ignore. Kabisa!

No feedback loop should exist between the two of you, even through mutual friends.

It’s instinctive of a jilted ex to sneak a peek to see how the other person is faring. If all she is seeing is lovey-dovey pics of you and your habesha bae, then it won’t matter if she herself is in a stable relationship, she will want to poison yours.

Mwombe mkia…you’ll never hear from her again

Hehe … mimi apana saddist banawe

Upuuuuuus tena

Why are you mean with your deeg?

[SIZE=5]This endless tricky issue of Exes …[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Someone becomes an “Ex” for a good reason …
So …
Why on earth do you still associate with them …??? [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]If He/She is water under the Bridge …
Forget about them … !!![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Ama Namna Gani …??? [ @TrumanCapote ] [/SIZE]:smiley:

mama ya mkamba mjinga illiterate @PHARMACY huuuza kuma AIDS infested 49 bob mlolongo