Exercise Self Control


Its now 80 days since I got laid, though I have nyongad thrice.

so far I have overcome temptations to go to a lanye.

but right now baridi imezidi and I am strongly tempted to seek the services of a forbidden woman

How can I exercise self control against this sinful lust of the flesh??

nyonga tena brare fooooo!! and find something to do izi mambo huingia ukiwa idle

…Congratulations!!! If you have managed to go without Lanyes for 80 good days…wewe ni legend tayari.

Now just focus on yourself, jipatie mapenzi mwoto mwoto, re-evaluate your goals and objectives. Ukilemewa find yourself a woman/girl if it fails to work usirudie lanye, find another one, if it fails, still find another one…but usikuwe desperate. SAHI wewe ni KING. Focus on the relationship part and not sex. After six months utakuwa kiumbe kipya mwenye mawazo mapya mazuri na swafi :D:D

Hoping other whore addicts will follow suit…:cool:
[SIZE=2]Men…you should not be offering yourself cheaply to Lanyes…hio energy tengeneza nayo pesa ama watch movies za DJ Afro, cheka yako yote ukiwesa, ama indulge in sports…boxing, football, tae-kwondo or just relaaax usikie msuri, ama enda kitchen jipikie food msuri ukule ulale…SATISFIED AND CONTENT with your LIFE.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]You must be very idle.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Do something constructive; Read a book, start a project, hit the gym.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Don’t just sit around and admire your TV like a cow.[/SIZE]

Asande sana mkuu for your kind words…
Will seriously consider your advice

A man who can conquer his lust is capable of anything.
Day 17 of SR for me…I’m targeting two years.

The longest I’ve gone is 6 months from Nov last year.

17 days without lanye.Targeting 3 mths or more though mimi hujikuta nikiwatch porn and a very strong urge to seek for lanye services.

that’s a struggle… just brave on brother.
hio pesa tumia ASAP

Weuh… People out here are really fighting alot of demons…

SR ninini?
self release?

Semen retention

Join a gym+swimming lessons ama karate na boxing
[SIZE=2]Hawa watu hukaa halafu wanakupigia simu wanakupea temptation…one month bila syks?[/SIZE]

Congratulations you’ve tried
Gym is the only way to completely conquer unwanted habits

Can see people are toying with prostate cancer in their senior years

Can’t relate

Acheni kujidanganya…i tried it and ile PNC itakugonga bana,heri tu ukulange lanye na ukubali its a weakness

Its not easy but capable

Can’t rwlatw to somethings. Sex is a biological need. It’s better you have a gf instead of denying yourself pleasure only to revert later

Me nili achia fate. I just ensure nakula na CD.