EXCLUSIVE : How Mombasa County resources were spent on essential staff.

[COLOR=rgb(65, 168, 95)]Some believe he is the best guy to lead Kenya, the lows in Kenyan morals nowadays are crazy. He gave away a few medical tents [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]bought with county funds[COLOR=rgb(65, 168, 95)] and some even went as far as saying he is so kind and gracious. In reality he spends much more on slay queens
(Of course Joho will say this is the work of his political enemyies who are jealous of the “fantastic” job he is doing fighting covid, and maybe he is right hiii labda ni kazi ya his compe aka private developer sugoi, Itumbi Alai or it kud even be his boss Raira!)

[SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]The high budget Slay Queen that serial woman eater, Governor HASSAN JOHO, settled for after dumping BETTY KYALLO revealed, complete with concrete evidence (PHOTOs)[/SIZE]

Sunday, April 19, 2020 - Flashy Governor, Hassan Joho, is a well known woman eater who loves sexy slay queens.

The handsome Governor, who is popularly known as 001, was linked to an affair with controversial TV girl, Betty Kyallo, when she was one of the hottest TV personalities around.

He later dumped her like a rotten cabbage and repossessed an expensive car that he had given her as a gift.

The identity of the high budget slay queen that Joho settled for after partying ways with Betty Kyallo has been revealed.

She is identified as Caroline, or Carolinedxb on Instagram, a flashy lady who lives in Dubai.
Caroline is a low-key “pussy-preneur ” although she runs her own real estate company.
The sexy slay queen, whose Instagram page is littered with photos displaying a lavish lifestyle, posted a photo on her Instagram page revealing that she was dating Joho and even described him as an ex-lover and hid his face.
Social media detectives were quick to dig on Joho’s affair with Caroline and even unearthed photos where she is seen flying to vacations with the Governor.

They gathered concrete evidence that the high budget slay queen was dating Joho.

You can even see the Governor in some of the photos.

Here’s the juicy tea courtesy of Edgar Obare.



See her confessing on her IG stories that her ex-lover is Joho.


Here, they are pictured together enjoying a romantic get-away.





Brayo uko Na ujinga

Siwezi mind kulipa punch

wewe achana na brayo …lakini why would a woman with a real estate company sell her p*ssy ? and does this mean that all women are low key prostitutes ?

Obviously @Brayo44 is lying
It doesn’t mean any woman going with a rich dude is whore

Yesterday some folks here e.g @marine1 and @magreb were saying that all slay queens are created equal and that they are all dumb idiots with zero business skills or education and are forever broke, not necessarily!
Some of these females actually have real hustles on the side. One could say they are enjoying a sexual liberation adventure by exploiting their physical endowments. Just like some men sample some women also go around sampling… [SIZE=1]said while running for cover[/SIZE]

Keep on running , what’s the difference btwn aunty wa harrier type of women and slay Queens?

What’s up with you and the green font which is so irritating, can’t you use normal like any other self. Your uniqueness shows your maturity level

Bring one quote where we said that. We just called you out on your idiocy that slayqueens help birrionaires seal deals na ulicatch mpaka saa hii bado unawashwa. Paka tuu kaluma itapoa.

Just like most women climb up the corporate ladder by sheer brains and hardwork. Replace hardwork with pucy, isn’t it still hard work?!

I salute our Governor. This was over a year ago. He has gone international and is eating high quality things. He brought her home and toured the country with her.

All Dubai women now know that Kenyan men have taste,class and good ground game Hadi wanapost kwa IG.

Some rogue governors are chewing vibogoyo women using our money. Lonyangpuo was accused on this site of eating a landwhale with our cash ati 500K for an overweight village slayqueen.

I must salute these Coastal Governor’s wanakula vitu Safi. Kingi and Sultan.

The kingi one a certain talker claimed aliwahi kula when she was a jigger infested fresher from Olkalau. Saa hii she is a well refined international tourist and connoisseur of high fashion.

Power is indeed an aphrodisiac wacha @uwesmake achukue Bungoma Governor hata Mimi nitaenjoy yellow yellow wale wameoga na Maziwa.

She gets paid for working from her back.

Ningependa kujua govana wa homabay Na wa makuenuni wanakula type gani

I have seen sonko,oparanya and kingi in ruaka with not so bad things

Obado we know taste yake
Same with mutua and lonyangapuo


Joho anakula bindu bilayi

How the hell does this Edgar Obare guy get his Intel?

Kwani Joho Hana Bibi?