Exciting brief history of our leaders

Their tools of trade , I and jameson1 have common signature of power ([SIZE=1]pombe)[/SIZE][ATTACH=full]465215[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]465216[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]465217[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]465218[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]465219[/ATTACH]

Special dedicated to the leader I voted 2 times with no fruitation [ATTACH=full]465220[/ATTACH]

Mkamba niaje? Let me give you some advice, never mock a person who is praising God, whether genuine or not.

Who have I mocked really?

Hata Kanyari?

Dont try to play smart, if Ruto is pretending to be righteous let it be between him and his God, yes hata kanyari.

I don’t believe jsks is what he says and what he promises to do for Kenyans, but on his spiritual beliefs, I got no comment.

The problem with Konyagi1 is gulping with no thought of his liver.

akoho is as sacred as sex

Alcohol and vawulence are two

You mean …

Mzee @kanguthu shop adult diapers pole pole bila mehemehe mingi ,you are a old tired homosexual man who is almost joining queen Elizabeth at Valhalla [ATTACH=full]465255[/ATTACH]mzee @kanguthu never quote me ever , shop for your casket pole pole bila kinisumbua

Mkamba Una penda fujo Sana. Hardly a day goes without clenching fist.

Anatombewa bibi na jamaa wa duthi pale Kathonzweni analeta frustrations hapa, mtu ng’ombe sana.

Mtafutie Mali freshi na hii beef will die. Pigia yeye through pass from your harems.

Mzee @kanguthu change your diapers usipate uko na maggots .
Mzee @kanguthu ukifanya kcpe sikua nmebreath my first breath.
Mzee kanguthu hauna watoto na wewe ni mzee .ulifikiria utazaa sababu ya kupanulia waarabu mattercore?

umeffi thread by an ILLITERATE mkamba mjinga @PHARMACY