Eating excess carbohydrates (which are broken down to sugars), our blood glucose levels remain higher than usual. With constant intake of high-sugar foods, glucose can build up in the blood, leading to inflammation. If the inflammation is chronic, it can lead to [B]obesity[/B] & type 2 diabetes.


Solution is to always go for foods made from whole grains, vitu ka brown bread and also take brown sugar. These foods have a lower glycemic indexes. Which means , they are gradually absorbed in the bloodstream, versus white/refined grains, which have a higher glycemic index, leading to faster absorption hence, causing high spikes of dugar in the blood.
These high spikes in blood sugar are the ones that leads to type 2 diabetes.

Korean,thai and east asia countries food is predominanlty deep fried,philipino food too much sugar lots of meat,yet you dont hear obesity ,heart conditions or diabetes is rife

Very well said, bro shukran.

At the same time, theuy eat loys and lots of spices, which in themselves are loaded with medicinak value.

Actually I think most of their food is stir-fried, which uses very little oil. They also don’t load up on carbs like we do; vile watu hupakua ugali ya 1kg for every meal.

with lots of oil,tembea seoul,kuala lampur ama bangkok,you will notice even some of their pastries are deepfried rathere than baked t,heir oil is not as thick as ours ile ukikula inabakia kila kona,

Huko naonea tu kwa tv or online; acha basi niulize,why are they not suffering the same issues with lifestyle diseases?

Sisi hatukulangi tutoe njaa. Tunakulanga tujaze tumbo.

Carbs are the devil, protein and fat all the way.

Nice info

The last two words - lifestyle diseases!! Most people in USA and most other Western nations live a very sedentary lifestyle - no physical activity - unaamka, unaingia gari, unafika ofisini, unapanda lift/escalator, unakaa chini kufanya kazi(secretaries, managers, computer programmers, plant monitors, graphic designers…), take lunch at the desk, go back home, sit in front of the tv, pop some pre-made food in the microwave (TV-Dinner), go to bed, rinse, repeat!! Physical activity - close to nada!!

Also most foods and condiments have lots of processed sugars!! And processed sugars are everywhere. Consider this: did you know that tomato sauce, roiko, chilli sauce, blue band, jam… all have sugar!!? Yes, even chilli sauce. So I find it ironical when people refuse to put sugar (hii yetu ya Mumias hapa) in their tea, but heap their foods with lots of chilli and tomato sauce!!


yani unasema nikuwe mpole na ugali …

Coke has 9.5 teaspoons of sugar… They add some of acid to make it stay liquid.

Which also prevents you from vomiting… fun fact

Niliacha Brown bread wakati nilijua ni white bread imepakwa Dark Tan

Portions my friend… east asians kama Japanese and Koreans eat very tiny portions of food, they also eat a lot of fish (omega 3) I don’t know about filipinos though, most seem to age ungracefully.

This is so true… and do you know if one eats only less than 20g of carbs and day and the rest to come from fat and vegetable the body goes in a state called Ketosis … which is good for the body. no sugar spikes.