Exam na bibi ya mtu


After along weekend nikikamua campus girl pale garden estate nilirudi kwangu. So yesterday(tuesday) i get an sms from a Loise a lady whom i study with at kenya methodist university where im doing my masters, that there is a cat today. I have attended this class twice and didn’t have notes so i decided to take the afternoon off from work to study because the cat was at 5:30pm. We meet up at the KEMU hub library then we started reading for the cat tukachat kiasi tukajuana zaidi. She is 39, lives in ruaka and is married with 3 kids. So exam time came mimi kama kawaida after kugoogle for answers nikamaliza first. Had to wait for loise to finish then discuss a bit how the paper was, so when she came out she suggested we go to kengeles (currently Nairobi safari club annex) which is adjacent to kemu. So we go there at the balcony mimi naitisha double double ya jack daniels her she takes some red wine. We converse a bit but and I’m very uncomfortable because she is someones wife and also because we don’t seem to bond. She had a curvaceous body and big breasts, but what i liked about her is how openminded she is and her confidence. So time flies and its already 9:00pm. She tells me her husband is expecting her home at 10 so she will take a cab later on. She tells me point blank she wants me to F**k her. I was really confused whether she was playing games or she was serious. After a long conversation i agree and knowing very well i cant take her to my place so we walk up to some hotel nxt to jevanjee, take a room that she pays for, then game inaanza. Im a bit tipsy so najipata im lying down and she is riding me. Nilishangaa coomer ilikuwa tight ama labda ni size ya mzee abdala anyway, from her moves i could tell she was experienced but it had been a while because she was very rough. After 1st round my mood just changed but she wanted sijui cuddling and we talk a bit so i decide to relax. At around 9:50 we leave the place and I’m on my way home.
Im not really proud of what i did but when i remember the days i was broke and getting laid was really hard i get motivated and maximize on all the opportunities I get.
I know kuna mtu anasheherekea my wife to be as we speak so dont judge me.

hii ni gesti gani my fren? and ,are you wearing black chupis? how do you fit your balls in that? ain’t it a wee bit too tighto_O

Poverty is real

Wacha ni some tena. Sikuwa nimeona ebrufication. Na uchunge kichwa kibov asiibe izi. Kidinyi ali Malaysia juu yake

too late,spoke too soon

“knowing very well i cant take her to my place so we walk up to some hotel nxt to jevanjee, take a room that she pays for…”

Sadness of life. Boy child was raped after taking too much makari/legend… I hope she used a condom… Otherwise

"Luwereeee luwereee nyasaye akhulindeee "

Wakameat ama? Hiyo avatar ni trademark yake. :D:D:D

Luwereeeee. This is how men die. Sooner or later this will be revisited.

Kidinyi alikuwa ile jinga ya kenyaspot inajiitanga Jeremy Kibet!!! or Jeremy_K

hapo swafi but dem mimi sijaowa nikitomba sijui kwa nini aniletee ujinga ya ati anakataa nitoe mboro ikae kiasi ndani ya kuma na upuss ya ku cuddle .

This university should be crossed ! No learning takes place.

mungiki banaa ongea tu kisapere tutakusamehea .

Hakuna bibi ya mutu hajawai kuliwa…me nime kula watatu.

I think u r colour blind

I pity the husband. Amefuga kunguru bila kujua

wachana na bibi za watu.

Taste moja ndo hujue utamu iko wapi

hopefully this mafaka died, he was a real as*hole

Ujinga nikujigamba kuwa umekula bibi ya mtu

Hehe, yeye ndio ali benefit