Ex9 (former Apple Bees)

Is it true that pale Ex9 watu hukula hao mapoko live kwa bar as others watch or go on with their business. That’s crazy stuff I haven’t heard in the other strip clubs.

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Visit the place and record a video and bring here so that we may also witness whether it’s true

Yes it’s true, I have personally witnessed it at Liddos, it’s kind of the late night main event

Oh okay. Hio ni liddos but want to know Ex9

Ex9 is just a diggy place, you pay vip only for hoes to disturb you with fellow revellers having sex just in the same area, so probably you sitting on some whores cum

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The last time I was there (many years ago), they had tents where you would pay a lanye and fuck her inside.

Hehe interesting…siwes mind kuwatch the madness. What are the charges

let’s get this clear. You want to watch another man’s penis?

bomoa kabati polepole lady sewage, porn has both naked genders lakini macho huwa kwa putaris ya puta…but I suppose beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Tell him. Apelekee feelings bibi

Vip 1000

yes, it has two sections, one inner room you pay more for entrance, and only in that room utaweza kulana, but in the sight of everyone else in there though simply lit.

Asanda. Cost ya dame na entrance ni how much

entry fee ni 1k, dame watandai 1000-1500 kukupea from within. unapiga mti kama mteja mwingine anaenjoy bia kando yako. no privacy. you don’t go there if you don’t like live porn. the waitresses are very cheeky, they will try stay with your change and have no shame asking you to buy them a beer too, coz they think anyone in there has lots of cash to burn. carry loose cash. A place I cant trust waitress is disgusting, and its the reason I ventured only twice and never return. The manager should reign in on those waitresses to manner them up. I sensed such waitresses might work in cahoot with robbers to spot potential victims once you step out.

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How do you start drinking in some dingy places cbd….personally hua naezatetemeka

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Watu ni roho juu kweli

Siku hizi wako down tu sana na madame odi

going to EX9 is a waste of Money and time,unalipa 1k kuingia VIP,alafu drinks hapo ni kuanzia 300,soda 200,waiter akwame na change yako,alafu ma damme pale ni ma wazimu,most appear miserable and sick and smelly i hate the place,wanajifichanga huko juu hawawezani na compe kama ya club vip,Amar,sj etc no one wud approach them in lighted place,disgusting.


the manager should get to know this. It’s precisely what makes it unappealing. Unajichunga even from the waitresses.

Kwa hayo machache huko sikanyagi