Eti jamaa anashow ex wake " Beib ,can we b together again?" Then the lady asks " why should we b together again after you said you don’t need me anymore?" Then shamelessly the guy answers " somebody told mi that the best revision is done using past papers" ,he huo ni uugwana kweli?

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[SIZE=6]Exe[/SIZE] ni ngani???
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Inaonekana huwa watumia miwani na Leo umeisahau,I used “ex” not “exe”

Man… You are truly a bore.
And boring people suck in bed too

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Nani aliumba matiangii …lecturers went on strike and vatoto wa kabi wako free in this kijiji …Any way go do your revision !

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@Meria Mata jamaneni?


Hii theory imetoka wapi