Ex-UK, ex-Japan integrated amplifiers

I’m looking for a good second hand hifi amplifier, I have one pictured below but jamaa ananigonga bei. Who knows a good place they deal with such? The one I knew along kamae road ilifungwa.
Pioneer sa-v240

There’s a shop next to khoja mosque that deals with such

Poa Gitonga. Where’s the exact location? In open/front shop ama ni mahali unaingia ndani kwa building?

Si hii kitu ni ya tene Sana, naona eBay inauzwa $25. Unacollect vintage stuff ama?

Hehee naitumia to push LFE. Hizi mavintage are very perfect in sound reproduction unlike most modern machines. Ndiyo hiyo hapo chini natumia na yamaha AV receiver. Unfortunately ni ya jamaa nilikuwa natengenezea n he’s selling at 16k.


Hiyo umeona ni manual wanauza hivo

a pioneer from 1995 itachapa ampex from 2020 seventy nil

While on this, if anyone is interested in vintage Kenwood R-600 and Kenwood R-1000 receivers, I have one of each up for grabs.

I see you know these things. Hii pioneer inachapaga bass wazimu. I’m using a JBL 12 inch subwoofer in a ported enclosure tuned at 36Hz

Photos please

Look for me. I import them.

May not serve the intended purpose

Do you have any currently? If yes what’s the brand and model number




Model in picture

Inbox me for more info

I only deal in Old School analogue Integrated Circuit Amplifiers ,stereo hi fi Speakers and Graphic Equalizers.



Yeah, just ordinary receivers , someone else might stumble upon them on this thread and want them though.

Hizi hapana

Sure. It’s an open forum