Ex punda wife strong message to her abusive chimpanzee: You can't control me any more

Women are the ones who give men all this power. If you allow a chimpanzee to use and abuse you so that uonekane uko kwa ndoa. Eti wewe sio reject. Wewe ni bibi ya mtu. Mama wa heshima. Your kids have a father that they are growing up with etc. The joke was on you when you took the bait society held out for you. Society is patriarchal and wants to use you as a punda wife to further its goals. It does not care if you die of depression like the late prisca Mwaro or you are given HIV or beaten to death. Punda ife mzigo ifike. The only person looking out for you when you are a woman is you. Put yourself first. Kuzalia wazungu ndio fom. Say no to chimpanzee abuse in the name of marriage. Say no to depression. Ulcers. High Blood Pressure. All stress related ailments. Zalia junguu. Cancel chimpanzees out of your life completely. Lea watoto wako in the fear of God. It is not a sin to conceive if you didn’t fornicate with the donor. Even God will bless you.



Wow I didn’t know she talks. Seems very articulate. Good command or English and Swa. Why is she only a mboch?