Ex-crypto mogul Sam Bankman-Fried out on $250m bail after extradition from Bahamas

The fallen crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried was freed on $250m bail on Thursday, a day after agreeing to be extradited from the Bahamas.
The 30-year-old faces eight charges connected to his role in the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX, which carry a maximum sentence of 110 years. Judge Gabriel Gorenstein said Bankman-Fried would have to remain under strict supervision at his parents’ home in Palo Alto, California.

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So he steals billions of dollars and he freed on 250 million dollars bail. I thought he went on a tv interview and said he was broke.

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$250M na zikapatikana??? @sani ambia jambass to borrow money from this kid na ampee shelter Kenya bila extradition. Hio ni 30mbirrions!!!

Lakini pia ule mwingine wa Theranos pulled a similar stunt na next year anaenda kuwa bibi ya Miss Onyi huko Kamiti yao

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To Arror, whether it is a million or a billion, they are just meaningless numbers, what he desires right now is power, and a chance to become an overlord.

Sasa hizi ndio wizi za maana, steal on a scale that makes sense & can guarantee your freedom and comfort, anyway huyu kijana bado ni fala sana waliiba badala aende nchi kama Russia ama yenye haikubali extradition and live like an emperor alibaki hapo Bahamas na kufanya interviews kama mia moja. Mimi ningekuwa kama ile jamaa John McAfee kwa island nikimumunya visokorokwinyo, chakula za za private chefs juu Barcardi.

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The boys were just bonking in Bahamas while hapa ktalk people were bragging how they were making money on his platform. Siku hizi hakuna threads za crypto.

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He only has to pay $25m cash bond. Which is 10% to a bail company. But it’s non refundable. But remember he will be jailed for 20+ years. So he is only buying time to eat some good food, and bed a few women.

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They top up the rest ama?

Most people do not understand that money doesn’t have much value to a guy like Arror who is already wealthy. That $250M wont change his life. He is already doing almost everything he wants at his current level of wealth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he wouldn’t pass that $250M, but its not life-changing money to him. Ukishapita $50M, tofauti yako na Elon ni kidogo kuliko tofauti yako na the average person.

Main difference will be the hobbies and businesses one chooses from there. Kuna biashara jambass hawesjaribu and hobbies too

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How many pilsner bottles can $250m buy?

He’ll most likely receive a presidential pardon because of his massive political donations to the most corrupt Democratic Party.


Biashara yes. Hobbies hebu peana examples?? He can charter a yacht in the French Riviera for weeks if he wanted to.

Yatches, planes kama G800 ya mzito Elons na Gates. Jambass doesn’t have design a yatch kind of money. In short, jambass doesn’t have the money to be invited to certain clubs and events

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It must be good to make money when young bana. Imagine you’re 60 years old, with billions, but ata upewe the most beautiful women in the world, you will be struggling kuamsha engine. Kuenda holiday hakuna enjoyment juu ata swimming ni shida, coastal breeze ni balaa. Kukuwa na sport cars mean nothing juu youthful adrenaline imeisha. Kulewa lewa at that age ni suicidal pia.

Labda tu watoto wako wafurahie. But the bastards may start squandering your wealth and the cycle starts again.

No. Bond is just a promise to appear. His parents put up their property which is not worth that much .However if he fails to appear, they will be on the hook for $250m.

By 60 years old one realizes that life is not about kukimbisha engine. You have tried them all. They don’t excite you as much. It’s like when you were little with no money, ukienda kiosk, you wish you had money kununua all the sweets and chocolates, you could handle. Lakini now you have money ukienda kwa duka, ata moja unapita tu. Sweetness of pleasures is intensified by the inability to acquire such, on demand.

There are also certain things in life that sometimes are better than a round in bed. Take a Lamborghini Aventador for a 100km spin at 2am, utaacha mwanamke kwa kitanda. The feeling is out of this world. Sometimes is the key word.

There’s no pardon he will receive. First of all his case will come to trial after Biden’s term is over. If you scam public, chances for pardon are very small. They typically pardon people on drugs, political crimes.

True. Once you’re able to get something in plenty. The desire for it wears off.