Evolution of the African Church

During pre-colonial times, our forefathers used to pray facing mount Kenya under a mugumo tree chanting
“:Thai! Thai! Thathaiya Ngai.” They prayed for rain, healing, made sacrifices and I assume that it was an organized religion just like any other and with a bit of fine tuning, it would have guided the souls of many.

Centuries later, a man of lighter hue decided that we are all heathens and need to accept the white God to guide, protect us and cleanse us of our nativeness. We were even baptized “Biblical” names to show our new identity. Back then, the church was mainly about turning a new leaf. “I used to drink and now I don’t visit the chum den anymore, neither do I chew tobacco, take snuff or indulge in any vice lest I be ex-communicated. I must add that my wife does not wear trousers like a man, she puts on her women’s guild kitambaa every Sunday and her skirts are always below the shin, we also only f*ck in missionary position. Clearly we are good christians.” What hypocrisy!

Today, church has evolved and it is now where blessing upon blessings are found, instagram and facebook imejaa hii upus. You cannot be rich and not give credit to God, regardless of where that money came from. That is today’s trend. Have you seen the dress code in church? It would bring a fire spitting pastor to his knees. It’s now all about liberalism and commercial church, not the Do’s and Don’t church of kitambo. If you notice, the churches that have the most sheep, no pun intended, are the most liberal. Our politicians steal money and these churches are usually beneficiaries during those weekly harambees and funerals we see in the news. They are even invited as guest of honor. What about infighting, watu kurushiana pews left right and center. What’s that all about?

Summary is, churches/mosques/temples/shrines are run by man, religion is of God the supreme, our master.


yes, long time ago! and then @justus happened… :smiley:

and by the way, it’s ex-communicated.


wewe abudu mwenye unataka hakuna mtu anakushikia bundiki

zacharia 4:6

Lol. Fixed.

Asanti sana kwa kurealise hii

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Brainwashing and mind control are real. And good business too!

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First, I didn’t happen! I was Born…
Secondly, God does not change neither does His requirements change.
Its we, mankind that change with time and events!

The earlier account of the former christianity according to this post was partially correct meaning not all of it.
God does not regulate how u indulge in pleasures with your wife but only rebukes u from touching the strange flesh!

Lastly, the most important church is not that building you go to pray in, its your heart and soul!
If the so called original faiths our fore fathers had was perfect, then why are they extinct now?!! Why did they leave them?

For the record, God is not white. Our colour changes with environment and other natural factors. Its believed that black people migrated from Israel and are pure Israelites… Think about that

Justus, of course God is not white. But when he was brought to us, Jesus was always portrayed as white, still is. My point was just to show how things have changed. These standards are just put by human being but religion and God stays the same. I used to go to PCEA growing up, I was also told not to hang out with a catholic girl one time.

@kah tony why did you mention mosques? None of the BS you’ve mentioned above is found in mosques.

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Like today a certain Chica was telling me ati I go to Church today. Siendi na safichi. I cannot accept to be mentally colonized under the disguise of humility, charity. Why do Afrikans accept to be mentally colonized? Why why? Mimi i’d rather indulge in Traditional Afrikan Religions. I’d rather practise Polygamy than Monogamy. We copied everything from the West. Even today, people only marry one spouse not knowing the true basis of why the Europeans did it in the first place. We haven’t been brought up to think for ourselves. Polygamy has many advantages over Monogamy and in the Kenyan setting it is very ideal in my opinion.
Oh dear. If you want to be free STOP going to Church. Like Ice Cube said “If you’re Scared go to Church” Has the Church ever helped the continent come out of it’s Poverty curse inflicted by the Europeans? Uuuumm NO! Why don’t we try something different and see how it goes then? If we keep doing the same things over and over again then there won’t be any different result. I don’t want to sound like an intolerant person but i’m speaking the Truth here and that is what matters. How does one agree to Worship a White Saviour and disregards his own cultural traditions spanning over 3,000 years. MADNESS!! Anyway we are like this not because we are stupid or anything but because we deserve it. We let ourselves be used and taken advantage of we deserve the situation we are in no lying here. This is MADNESS!


If I ever go back to church, it’ll be to the Ethiopian Orthodox one.
Otherwise, I’m good as I am.

So what’s found there? oh wait i remember…Grenades, AK 47s, radicalization tapes,



Religion is not of God, it is a creation of man. if Religion were of God, we’d have only one religion
… but we have hundreds of Religions, if not thousands, with different beliefs and practices, created in various times in world history. This means religion was created by man to suit his needs of the day.


Not to mention the amount of money taken abroad in the name of offering, as if God needs money! Anglican (England), Catholic (Vatican), etc The poor getting poorer… MADNESS!

I hope u realize that saying too much does not mean u are right!
What did u call something new? Something from our fore fathers??? Is that new? No wonder u subscribe to rhymes from ice cube!!
I totally understand, let us who are “MAD” as u call it and scared go to church…
Next time before u write a whole book please make sure u have some facts! The church has done a lot… But how could u know yet u don’t belong there!!!
God have mercy on this soul and the ones who liked his post and also the like minded fellow…

And so was atheism created by same man! So just cut the act, we all belong somewhere in the “creations of man”…
You are who u are because u were taught morals which traces its roots from religion! But since u want to justify your immorality then u start the lame story of not believing in something… Get real

which Religion did God create?