Evil Pastors

Evil Pastors…
Kuna Hawa “Wachungaji” wabaya Sana…
Sasa …
What kind of “Deliverance” is going on here…???


Toeni Naomi Ya Maana…

It is written that if your hand maks you to sin then cut it, so if your panties make you sin hand them over to your slimy pastor

@ PURP : Take note…

I cunt relate. Only person I know, who has been conned by a pastor is @Mathaais . Nimemtag wacha alete maoni.

Kwani everyone knows hii story ya Mathighs? @uweschyeth cum fwaster u confirm

Umemuingilia sana hii story ya Pastor. Si utupe link.


Kondoo akiwa amekomaa visuuuri, pasta ananyamua…

that woman is part of the scam

kumbe panti inaitwa ya maana siku hizi?


This thing reminded me Timestower today. Out of the 8 lifts they have, only 3 are working. Hii ndio imekua mtindo.

who the ferk is Naomi:D:D:D:D:D:D

I think wewe kwako ndio hukumbuka every petty fight you have had with the wife,…‘ati unakumbuka ile siku nilikuja usiku nikapata umelala bila ngotha, ulikuwa umetoa kwa nini?’
That’s how petty you are.

Anasema tutoe yeye suruali


huyu msee alikuduia what? umemleta juu :D:D:D:D

Donno why, but nacheka tu … hehe

Majority of women like shortcuts to success and genetically women are vulnerable to such. Not saying many man aren’t in this category too.

Very sad but this can’t be compared to what this post is about. These are people rushing to grab a spot to pray . However this practice is not entertained in the religion as one is supposed to walk calmly when going to pray.
What you see here is they keep the doors closed and the number of people builds up.

Sawa Mathice…

:smiley: those guys opening the doors, nimeshindwa kwanini wanahepa hivyo, then I saw the multitudes, enyewe everyone has their favorite poison.