Evicted Zimbabwe white farmers return to their farms to huge welcome, song and dance from black zimbabweans

Unbelievable. Mugabe must be turning in his grave.


After all the hot air. Finally, the black man will find a job, some food on their table. Kunguru could only say chobs, chobs, chobs:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Default settings of the blackman revealed.

Grace mugabe si atadedi na heart burn

Bonobo tingz.

I wish black people were more capable of running institutions than the whites. This is humiliating to say the least. We can do better.

At least the community wapate kazi. It seems the area was hibernated. You can’t just flush people like the Delameres. I would like to know if the land was acquired legally.

Na mababu zetu walikosea wapi.

@BBIsiMuhimu tafadhali toa maoni. :D:D:D:D

The freedom fighters have returned the colonialist… my oh my.

The video was posted in January 2, 2018 right after Mugabe was dethroned in November 2017.

So yes he was very much alive when Mnangagwa opened the doors to returning farmers and yes he saw these clips. Mugabe died the following year on 6th September 2019.

This is part 2 of the story recorded in in June 2018, six months later …



There is a thread on Great Zimbabwe where I have just told Ndindu that maybe these whites were in fact in Africa centuries before as showcased in the ruins of great zimbabwe. They are not visitors in Africa!

You forget the word co-existence.

For Fredrick Douglass to get to what he became, it was the same white men who educated him.

In fact he was very close to Abe Lincoln. Lincoln told him to take black Americans and go and colonise a land in a place called Chiriqui in Panama but Douglass refused to listen. Today Chiriqui is a major Gold producer. So Douglass is wrong in calling people “happy slaves” considering the number of white people who helped him along in his own personal life. Douglass was also quite wealthy.

These wazungu bought his books and paid him to give speeches. Co-existence. He didn’t want to leave America because he liked it there! Angalia utambi yake and his chubby cheeks.

My dad used to tell me back in the 90s if you said you’re going to Zim it’s like you’re flying to London.

Mugabe really messed it up when he kicked mzungu out. Co-existing is the key. Blacks are also good but greed is usually the main problem.

I once met a Zimbabwean and he told me Mugabe is the best thing that happened to them. His dad was a laborer in one if the white farms and Mugabe gave him 20acres of the repossessed white farms and now instead of tending to mzungus tobacco and cattle, he is tending his own crops and cattle on the 20acres and all the revenues going to his pocket. His dad is also now a landowner unlike before when he was a poor squatter on the mzungu farm employed on minimum wage and condemned to perpetual poverty.

If I invade your home and made it mine but Maybe I feed you and clothe you, Will you eve have a good time?

Where the Link to that thread?

Unfortunately madimoni zimeingia @Ndindu akaamua atukanane yake yote :


Where does he get the capital to operate a 20 acre farm?

20 acres hapana mchezo. How did he purchase the cattle?

20 acres sio kubwa. You start small (eg tilling 3acres) and grow from there. He started with one calf and one chicken like sugooi man.

Does he own tractors or is he using a foko jembe?

This story is a bit, ama wacha tu.

That is a one of story. Kwa ground things are different. I did some stats on agricultural output of Zimbabwe pre and post Mugabe nonsense. Their restructuring was not the best. Most people who were getting the land had non capacity to tend those farms. SA is doing it better with the BEE program.

In the 90s, Zim was still under Mugabe don’t forget.

Hata hapa Kenya you don’t need to own a tractor to farm. You hire a tractor to plough (currently about 2k per acre), harrow and even plant your field. The govt also owns tractors and other machinery under the Agricultural Mechanisation Program which you can hire.

I believe in Zimbabwe too there are businessmen who offer to plough farms for pay just like in Kenya.