You married from kamba since you value your life.

Looks like supremacy war, everyone believes hafai kuambiwa any

Hata sio Kikuyu peke yao. Mwanamke wa siku hizi mkipigana akichukua kisu, chukua panga. Chukua shoka.

Ahahaha it’s a crazy world. Nimekumbuka there’s a nigga who somehow discovered the wife sleeps with a knife under the pillow.
Day one he didn’t think much about it , he just returned it to the kitchen coz he thought the wife accidentally brought it to the bedroom…
Day two akaipata tena chini ya pillow. This time he asked the wife about it. She said it’s for her protection incase thugs show up.

:DHe is the thug.

It goes in seasons. It’s their turn. Femicide ndio next.

Self defence…after years of suffering.
ACE, trauma na PTSD can put you in a difficult place… where to get your freedom, you take another’s liberties…and life.
Homicide is on the rise.
Suicide has been rising…won’t be surprising if reports say the guy was an alcoholic, or previously beat the girl

Take this…mmelala…usiku wa manane, saa nane, tisa huko…unaamka unapata kimtu kimekuangalia. Kimekukodolea macho ni kama inajiuliza “nini hii imelala kando yangu”.
Now, in the movies they make it seem romantic…ati wanaanza ku-cuddle. But what I saw flash before my eyes…that made my blood curdle… I ended things polepooooooole.

That shit is still chilling today as it was years ago.

Shieeeet ! :D:D:D:D:D:D
That has psycho written all over it. Good thing ulijitoa.

Uhuru should wake up one day and sign the death warrants wanyonge hao watu wote like Mwinyi did in TZ. angalau the weight of death sentence ikuwe appreciated by criminals

Bwana Kiberenge nipee link please.

Tunataka hekaya mkubwa. Save a life. You never know.

asande sana Khatet wacha nikimbie Telegram. It has been a while since i highlighted this issue

Supply and demand, the analogue generation had a way of limiting supply of pvssy on the market.
The new Gen are over supplying it and not shy about it, not everyone is stable enough to accept it was just your turn.

Plus, STI’s never left.

Jamaa alikua anangorota :smiley: :smiley:

Najua ni matusi unapeleka huko ghaseer ! :D:D:D


Good point. But also the current socio economic situation might factor in and trigger the murderous rage.

Na anakupea punyeto bado dagger ikiwa chini ya pillow:(:(worries n problems