i changed my calculator’s battery and discovered this. i dont know wh[ATTACH=full]32602[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]32603[/ATTACH] ether its the same company or not


nipeni likes nikuwe s.v for making such discovery



Nonsense…why didnt you take a pic when it was half-peeled out?

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is it a double sided print, why is the Duracell print on the wrong side of the cover on the second picture

nyairobilay kubaff nandanganya nisaidike na nini

its not a double sided print

There you have it, anything else?

Go deeper… peel that one to.

Go deeper… peel that one to.
its the zinc layer

umecheswa :D:D:D:D

Kodak or Duracell who is the bigger company???

yani unagongwa ady na watu wa battery… wee ni buree kabisa

mchipy punda wewe when you buy a battery do you first peel? i peeled coz i had replaced and wasn,t busy in office meffi

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Question: Why did you take the first photo before peeling?

so take it back to where u had bought it n get replacement…

Hebu peel chloride exide ya gari upate likes 100


mr mulosi sir because i had peeled the first one now this was the second one and wanted to confirm if they are the same, and if i could came here and narrate the story it could be labelled hekaya or worse nv keti pale

ndauwo wa klost hayuko hapa na hapa cjaona mandauwo zingine…ni hayo tu

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