Everything in kenya is grey hadi supermarket

I recently bought a Samsung tv, it had everything from tuskys hope ni genuine kumbe zao pia ni za hapa lithuli[ATTACH=full]171739[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]171739[/ATTACH]

What is a grey import?


seriously what is grey import?

grey not meant for this region ama haikupita kwa customs

Everything in our country is grey. Even pussy.

As long as ni genuine. Ingekuwa gari ndio ingenipea stress. Still it is not surprising that kuna such in our reputable stores. Kenya imekuwa ya wakora tupu

Sii TV inaonyesha?

grey means not for this region. That affects warranty because if its spoilt and you take it to samsung service centre, it wont be serviced cause its not meant for this region. This however does not mean that the product is not genuine. Most products are usually segmented into regions e.g west africa, MEA(middle and east africa), UAE e.t.c. Grey products are usually cheaper because the warranty cost is not usually included

Did’nt see it that way. Maybe the supermarket has given a sellers warranty.

true they are cheaper but the supermarkets sells them expensively hata wana kudanganya warrant eti ndio maana iko expensive kumbe haitakusaidia mahali

They will offer their own warranty and if the product malfunctions, they’ll have to take to their own “FUNDIS”

hata ukiwa na warrant and the serial is for another region it means they won’t repair it. the item is not supposed to be in this region

If defective within 1 year warudishie warekebishe au wabadilishe.

But kama kuna watu honest ni walalo. Sometime ago I was buying a tv. Walalo aliniambia hii tv ni poa but its meant for middle east countries. So I asked whats the issue. And he blantly told me it has no warranty incase of an issue. I didnt even know this “grey” thing

true the prices are usually super inflated. A tv that costs 30k in luthuli will be sold at around 45k in supermarkets.

The manufacturer is not liable in such a scenario. Hapo ni muuzaji atagharamika.

True. Nimewahi kuwa na shida with an electronic I had bought at a small supermarket mtaani. It had no warranty. Niliwarudishia wakafix, it malfunctioned again I returned it 4 times wakanipa ingine mpya which has never malfunctioned since then

I tried to change the region in my Naomi from China to Kenya unsuccessfully.

Kumbe ni grey import…

I always buy grey and none has ever malfunctioned