Everyone Kam Hia And Meet Agnes Lucy Lando....

The woman trailblazer is an associate professor of Communication and Media Studies who belongs to the Missionary Institute of the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega. Like all other Catholic nuns, Lando gives her all earnings to the church but that does worry since the congregational leaders where she is based cater for her needs.

Agnes Lucy Lando is an associate professor at Daystar University.
She holds several positions locally and in the global arena.
For instance, Lando currently sits on the board of directors of a US-based association.
“I am paid well but I don’t spend a single cent,” she said.

“Perhaps one may ask, so how much does Sr. Prof. Lando earn, and how does she spend it? Well, I am paid well but I don’t spend a single cent.
I am religious with vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. I don’t lack, I have everything but own nothing. That’s my life,” she revealed.

“This academic association is headquartered in Washington DC and every year I sit in the Board of Governors meeting to plan and offer direction to the association for scholars interested in the study, teaching, and application of all aspects of human and mediated communication,” she stated.

“There was the forceful withdrawal of the shepherd from the sheep. It was the desire of the Bishops to remain in touch with the Christians. They, therefore, requested that the establishment of Ukweli TV be accelerated so that it would be used as a tool for evangelisation and reach out Christians with messages of hope and encouragement,” she told Vatican News.

opus dei mwingine?


Huyu ni kama Yule gavana wa Sendro bang?

How is this news when one works for the richest organisation on the planet?

The Catholic church is the richest religious organisation in the world. Its HQ is a city state. Despite owning lucrative schools from kindergarten to universities, hospitals and prime office towers it pays no taxes as it identifies as a not-for-profit religious organisation. Scam.