Everybody fears him, his tailors don't!!


maybe he instructed the tailor to do that

and the tailor did just that - out of fear.

fear fear :D:D

the topic says tailors dont fear him

for christ’s sake, in hand to hand combat I see a fifteen-year-old akipiga this Fatman kama burukenge…but korean niggas think he is a god, they even say his dad akua anakunia:D:D:D

So can you mtu kama Sonko but can you even get 100 meters close to him before security and other shitty assed niggas wakufikie?

It’s suspected that he murdered his father so as to inherit the throne. Not forgetting that he murdered his brother and uncles.
Anyway karma is a biatch.

alikuwa analimp some time back. labda alikatwa mguu akawekewa prosthetic sasa hataki watu wajue

The blob is 130KG so slight slip can cause him leg injuries and dislocation