Every Wife Should have a Secret Lover

I want to smoke whatever Diana Makokha is smoking…It must be raw Weed!
She should join this village ASAP
Memorable Quotes: "Every man who doesn’t have a Mpango wa Kando in the present day is a questionable man.

Diana is absolutely correct …

A good number of the younger married women have ongoing “side arrangements” …

There are those that are done as some sort of revenge …
There are those that are mature , discreet and very toned down …
Then there are those reckless , juvenile embarrassments that often attract media attention and scrutiny …

And one does not have to smoke anything to indulge … :D:D

The question is not whether people have secret lovers…what matters is whether the other partner becomes suspicious.

I have never bothered about my woman having a secret lover. I just don’t want to suspect…leave alone know about it and live with that.


Marriage issa Scam.
…ulizeni @Agwambo awaambie vile parking za ma Lodgos na apartments ukuwanga full during lunch hours. Maghaseer kama @Tom Bayeye et al wanatombewa mabibi HKM na hawana habari.
Hata kulea wanalea watoto sio wao. Makosa yake ni kutomba Mboches kisha kuja kupiga kifua kijijini eti yeye ni Bingwa kumbe khupipi amecheza league ya Juu banae.
Wat a life!!!
Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez :smiley:

@uwesmake kuja ulambwe matacore hii tucker tucker yako inache kunitaja ovyoofyo

MGTOW is a scam

That’s why people go into open relationships. It is just a way to formalize and accept the inevitable reality instead of living in secrecy and lies. Monogamy is unnatural.

and the secret lover has 1 or 2 other secret lovers, who in turn have other lovers of their own…kaswende loading

venye @Mangele anasema…

mwanamke akikupa hiyo offer huyo lanye anaongelea jua wewe ni simp na you are getting nothing otherwise ukisoma hiyo story vizuri she is simply saying what elders keep saying PESA na KUOSHA rungu ni vitu mbili inafaa uwe nazo

Not necessarily and not always the case …
It is usually only Juveniles in that mix …
( …and I have GREAT experience in this matter …)

There are lots of Decent , Discreet , Mature Wives who just need the TLC , Appreciation , Good Massage and an occasional shoulder to lean on …

And lots of Elders and Certified Licensed Drivers around to discreetly engage them …
It goes on Merrily 24/7 right under your noses … :D:D

Yes. And we are enjoying every bit of it

She is the female version of Silas Nyanchwani.

Unfortunately you/we cannot choose a mpango/secret lover for your wife or girlfriend. Akiamua kufinywa na jamaa za nduthi or makangas (no offence to these guys), or the watchie at the gate, utajipata na kaswende every month or so…All you can do is pray she stays clean

The assault on the traditional family unit proceeds on schedule

cjasoma huo upusss

my girlfriend just reposted this meaning she’s speaking to me indirectly.

And if these discoveries are true where women cheat, then marriage has become distasteful and unviable. Men can survive without marriages. They can just have kids and have multiple sex partners.

Marriage is commitment to a sense of belonging, a community, it’s an ancient way of thinking that is being challenged by a new world order.
In this village it’s being assaulted by suspicious handles, and plateshen will always be here to preserve the old gods.

Only Juvenile minds engage themselves in that manner …

Discreet , Mature Bibi Za Watu conduct themselves appropriately , avoiding scandals and publicity … :D:D