Every time I think about the 1884 Berlin Conference..


… it convinces me even more that blacks are from an inferior stock.

Picture this

-wanaume wanakaa kwa Meza Europe
-they curve up a whole continent amongst themselves

-they draw arbitrary borders that exist to this day

-they impose their religion on us and we become more fanatical than them.

-they impose their identity, languages that upto today we still use to define ourselves

-they steal our land and grant us independence when empire building no longer becomes profitable.

-We loot the continent with reckless abandon and hide the loot in colonialists banks.

-No lessons learnt or introspection as to why a small island in Europe would succeed in conquering half the continent.


Half the world actually.

Get over it and stop whining

But… but… we wuz kangz…

We were and still are at different stages of civilization. The margin might be narrower these days.

Europeans have had their fair share of wars between them for centuries.

However, I agree with you that collectively, blacks are an inferior stock and there is more than enough evidence to prove it. There might be some few good and highly intelligent blacks, but we have more idiots per 1000 people than whites. A good example is African Americans and their white flight problems. When enough negroes invade an upper class white neighborhood it is guaranteed to become a “hood”.

Do you want to say you don’t know what it would take for Africans to be successful ama you have an idea of what it would take but it’s too much work?

Even the Chinese were conquered by the British and half of them were drug addicts. Saa hii they have moved far.

You work on getting to heaven first so you can meet God and ask Him all the hard questions which your brain cannot comprehend right now. Someday, I believe everything will make sense. Right now one of the greatest “burdens” ever placed on a human being is the reality of living in a black body.

And this “heaven” is defined by the white man?


Ni ukweli my bredren are a bit slow which l just loooove.

Ukiwa just a notch above the hoi polloi in tbe streets then the world is your oyster. Sio lazima ati ukue extremely smart, just above average but ukue na balls od steel. Hii kua dollar millionaire kaa venye brown skin @Azor Ahai anadai itakua a walk in the park. Picture a genius level IQ amongst a sea of morons… Hata hiyo kuomoka by 35 nishaipimia. Only question remains ‘and then what’. Nikiomoka sahi, si juu ya maisha smooth nitakua jaded sana, si life will lack meaning ama

Kazi huwa haiishi. Retirement is a myth. Mimi huskia nimeboeka nikikaa siku mbili bila kufanya kazi yoyote hata nikiwa holiday. Hata heri nichukue panga nikate napier grass nipatie ng’ombe nikiwa ocha. Hakuna kitu ngumu kama kukaa idle. The advantage ya kuomoka is that you do what you like because you have that freedom unlike a peasant.

Too true guess ni mazoea esp kaa you were brought up ocha/ghetto where you have to be self sufficient at a young age. You got an old head on young shoulders. Kukaa idle inaboo.

Alafu what was your advice on marriage for a young millionaire… Should you just pick the hottest mama 'irrregardless 'juu you don’t need her money umekafunga or a career woman who can make her own… So confusing these things

What are you basing your results on?
I have studied with both white people and black people and can say, there exists several dumb white people just as Africans. My deductions is that there exists several bright Africans but being bred from a poor background, they cant focus on their academics…they have to worry about getting food, shelter and several other amenities…
Secondly, our education system doesn’t assert creativity…and countries in West of Europe invests a lot in education… In high school, they equip you with advance knowledge that can be of help in the day to day life. In engineering bachelors and masters, there is a high correlation in what you are learning in the classroom environment to what is happening in industry…

Just like i have met dumb Africans,i have also met several dumb and ignorant white persons, same with Asians…

They had superior technology to enable them to conquer the world. That’s how it’s always been: the owner of the latest technologies owns the world.

Who said there are no dumb whites?? Sijui mbona talkers have problems understanding simple and straightforward statements.

Look, in an argument never post allegations or random data without support or evidence…
Unless you have evidence your claims are fallacies.

Look, none of us here agree with white supremacy. However, hating on God/Jesus because He was introduced to us by white people is fixing your anger in the wrong direction! Even whites adopted Christianity fromMiddle Easterners. Does that make them lesser human beings? If anything the ME is generally worse off as compared to western countries so the notion that Christianity has played a role in keeping y’all shackled in chains is false. Infact it’s the opposite, everywhere Christianity went, enlightenment followed. We would be savage barbarians practicing cannibalism and living in tree trunks or in the dirt, if not for the white missionaries. The original missionaries who came to Africa were a net positive to us but later on, you know how the devil will always get inside something good and mess it up, that white supremacist demon came up and made some of our people conflate Christianity with European colonialism.


God loves Africans. Being born black is a test just like how the prophets of old were severely tested.