Every kid who graduates high school should be given 10k capital by the government

We have to start thinking outside the box. Focusing on theoretical training is the reason we lag first world nations. We are training graduates to look for jobs in offices. And there’s fewer such opportunities every year. Why teach kids and give them no boost at the end.

That 10k will be used and will spruce the economy. Students will learn that 10k is not enough, but if 6-7 of the come together, now they have 60k to start a viable business. Of course they will have gotten entepreneural education to that point. Government can tuck the bill as part of Helb. They will collect anyway in taxes, Vat on goods purchased, Helb, etc.

800k students graduate every year. At $100 each, that’s a Eurobond of $80m annually to spice the economy. Pocket change for a government that paid $3.5b for a Sgr that generates little. Imagine the government gave KQ a bailout of $180m to prepare them to request another bailout next year.

*10k is drawn to scale. Different figures can suffice.

Hiyo 10k mkipewa mtatumia kwa pombe na umalaya. Anyway, back in campus, there is this ninja who used to save HELB loan and he eventually started a very successful business. Sisi wengine tulitumia kwa pombe na wasichana na kununua sub woofer.

nowadays everyone with an extra set of teeth is defending everything government… ujinga tupu

Stupid inflation.

Mbona wasipewe na wazazi?

10k capital.mkunduo. Wewe ulisoma.kweli?

Join the opposition and do the opposite tutoshane. A degenerate inbred ghaseer.

You need to realize that to a certain degree money is not the problem, ideas are the problem. Hata wenye wana pesa already na wanatafuta hustle always revolve around the same businesses like carwash, sijui onion farming, dairy farming, milk ATM etc etc. There are not many ideas and that’s the problem. So ukipatia watoto wamemaliza high school 10k don’t expect anything from them, most of it itaisha kwa joints za playstation. Many people get HELB already and they dont do anything significant with it, mtoto wa high school je?


Giving anyone below 25 capital is a waste of money juu zitaenda kwa Chrome na Chicken Inn.

Your lack of basic economic knowledge is showing

Buying pombe keeps people employed. It jump starts the economy.

They can.

What’s a good number for a high school graduate?

Not bad. Hizo joints people have to be employed, economy inaruka juu. This is pre-Helb. So the kids have time to come up with creative ideas, if they chose.

Prove to us you are better. Toa kapoint at least tuchambue.

Funding KQ annually is a waste of capital too. Chicken innazima wa order supplies. Na waandike wasee. Economy gets energized.

Si waamerica walirushia wasee chapaa. Sa hizi dollar inatuchafua.

Sa nikuwe mode wa 70 IQ bonobos hapa? Anyway, the government giving away free money leads to inflation. Use that as your starting point to rid yourself of handout mentality

Can you support your inflation arguments. Because government injected double the suggested amount to money hog KQ and didnt suffer from inflation. And also with such programs, you can add safeguards against that, subsidies etc.