Every girl has that time when she's conflicted in love

Today I met my first ex boyfriend and it got me thinking. You guys think that being an attractive lady is easy. But there’s a lot of learning and pain that goes into becoming the glowing pretty girl you stare at in the streets. I have had my journey and I believe other ladies can share this experience.

So when I finished form 4 I fell in love with a guy, he was the guy who took my virginity. We were so close, I had never been in love and I was just so fulfilled. But unfortunately life did not throw us on the same path. I had to go to a different campus but I still loved him. My first true love.

Now at campus I met a lil boy child like @Mzee mzima seriously I couldn’t keep off him (the boy not this ktalk numbskull). And we advanced to sex pretty quick. All this time I was still in communication with my boyfriend but this guy was bringing to me so many new experiences.
He even allowed me to play cards and smoke weed in the bus with his friends when we went to trips and what not.

But eventually I had to meet my boyfriend over the holidays lakini I never summoned the courage to break it off with him. I still wanted him and yes I was sleeping with him. Ugh, I was sleeping with two guys.

I was stressed and ashamed coz these guys got what they wanted from me but I felt lost. In the end I decided to call it quits on both of them to become single and find who I was, try and enjoy life a bit. That is when girlciki93 was born. I have had a fantastic life I kinda want to share it with y’all, especially those struggling to get love lol.
I swear if 10 peeps say yes I will do it. si mnatakaa hekaya Moto Moto, very little feminism activism I promise lol.
If not it’s cool, learn to hate me lol

What did you yourself get from them?

that girl is uckers

This confession is so hurting

Wee leta hekaya we dont ask for them…we just judge them!

Whore! Whore! So disgusting whore! Ppptoooh!!

someone has unresolved issues…

Wekelewa mboro madam, haitaisha. Nisukumie zru pass pia anagalau niskie kama umekua threadbare

My interpretation is many have fucked you,but I don’t judge you.
Everybody wants to enjoy life to it’s fullest.

Hekaya zikuje mara that that ndio masweep zitembee fasta fasta.

Actually no. And it is me who fucks not the other way round. I don’t get pushed around

naanza kushukuk ile shemale narrative ni true

Well well that is interesting.

nikama utaambiwa “pinduka nakuu” be very careful

Hekaya lazima iwe about the day she got shifted twice by hao ma yolo wake. Probly the one who banged last was swimming in the other guys nut…

You just made me have this kinda thought of the spermo facing off like
wacha nitoke na wazimu zangu

What happened to being a bit less mannerless?

Sambaza hekaya

ata mm naomba yy yaaa, naomba madam girlciki ninyonye ww fallopian tubules!

Are all men dogs?:eek::eek::eek:…this is why I dont trust long distance shit:D:D:D:D