Every 5000 years on earth

Humans face a major catastrophe that reduces civilization back to nothing.

Like you getting shot by @pamba ama?

We still have 3000 years to prepare so no worries

Wait what happened 2000 years ago that reduced civilization to nothing?

It’s actually about every 12,000 years.

But what people don’t understand is that the transition period can differ by even a thousand years…the Mayan calendar is on track…

Is there a distinct pattern to it or is it just coincidence?


Why worry about 5000 years na probably hutakuwa in the next 50yrs

Bonobo logoc. You think only food, sex and alcohol are important…


The Mayan calendar was the same one that predicted end of the world in the year 2000.It predicted amargedon by flooding.It actually inspired so many movies.All that came to pass.So much for a calendar that’s ‘on track’.

He has a point chief , Mayans , Atlantians , Babylon .one way or the other the earth must be reset which is a good thing.
I think I can enjoy a massive catastrophe even if I die in the process.its epic knowing we are all dying .
Let’s say like a major comet which wiped the dinousers ,imagine the thrill seeing kina konyangi , jsks , Biden , Soros and the Jewish cunts all shivering as we wait for the crash ? Isn’t that not beautiful . We will finally be equal in our fears :smiley:


Boss, this is above your pay grade. Do you think when scientists say that the earth experienced a cataclysm 12,000 years ago or that the pyramid of Giza was built 6,000 years ago those are exact figures?


Plato wrote about it. Cities have sunk into the ocean eg In Cuba, India. The Sahara desert was once a forest then it turned to a grassy savannah and finally a desert, other civilizations were wiped out earthquakes

TBH, your rhetoric is imbued with a sense of classical philosophical obscurity and mysticism to a degree. You seem to have interpreted Plato’s work quite literally. How scientifically accurate were his observations and predictions? Any empirical evidence?

There are patterns to certain to certain geological activities such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions - predictable to a certain degree today and thus avoidable.

How many years do you suppose that took?

Ancient apocalypse

Mwisi @johntez addi gaza msafi you also dabble in philosophy?

But onto the topic at hand, unless we have a time machine, some things are just beyond us. There are plenty of pointers that give your argument some weight though.
Obliteration of dinosaurs, the flooding as narrated by the Mesopotamians, changing of racial superiority from black to white, etc.

There is a reset coming around 2040 - 2050, the elite call it climate change.

Its a phenomenon which revisit earth every 138 years in different magnitudes, the cyle is culminating.

Just like the fall of vapor capony causing the great flood around 2249 bc, there is a higher probability of the return of antediluvian conditions.

The elite are building underground cities and because they know their time is up, they have now indulged in all form of degeneracy, from pedophilia to lgbtq, hedonism, hate and corruption.

Its true that we are heading to a catastrophic end to cleanse the plate clean.

When are humans evolving to new creatures?