Ever dated a Borana?

What’s the experience kuna mwenye narushia mtama? Are they circumcised or something?

Fgm for borana girls is like playing dice hoping for a six. Few still have their clix

All women North of the Equator in Africa are excised, vile @Longpole amesema hapo juu

I dated one, she was tight and sweet but hawana clit

There’s no dating in that culture. You take and marry the next day. That’s what the women expect you to do.

Mimi Borana niko nae uko Isiolo hako na kinembe moja mrefu sana. A very beautiful woman who also doubles up as my “fixer” that side of the valley.

Nitakujia thru pass, I heard they are very humble and supmissive.

“Supmissive” “Hako”
Lets make use of our basic education people

Wewe msenge if you didn’t catch this as normal kijiji lingo, ‘khupipi’ etc…

Nipe digits

I have two Borana lady neighbors in their mid-twenties. Hot AF. One of them is a celeb. After this post I’ll no longer look at them the same way.

Married one from moyale. Very beautiful & submissive. Pua nyebamba na silky hair kama ya walalo. Amenitolea mbegu mbili superior quality.


Aii ulipata wapi mkuu, I wouldn’t mind kuonja hio breed,those women are pretty

Hapo sawa chief

Wazee niko na upcoming trip to Archers Post nitawaletea field report.