Even the overlords at WEF don't believe in green energy.



Mimi hushindwa kwanini hakuna organized “terror” groups going after the types of klaus Shcwab/Gates/Soros/blackrock/vangurd etc

Wako tu hapo wakifanya stuff that is a clear and present danger to millions globally.

They just go ahead with their plans without any organized global opposition.

You have to know who and understand why these terror groups are organized in the first place. Capitalists wouldnt be spending over 3 trillion dollars plus on millitary of taxpayers money to protect the taxpayers them from terror.

Next big thing is plant based meat and eggs. Gates has massively invested in it.

. Natafuta drive train ya hii kitu. Huku ni wapi?

Bonga na Nopea Ride Taxis watakuambia pahali wamezificha