Even sader news, Kuishi Kenya ni stress tupu.

These are tweets from the president, his diputy and the Inspector General [ATTACH=full]199728[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]199729[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]199730[/ATTACH]

Soo sad that we have to rely on these trio for our safety.

Usalama unaanza na wewe…if that bus driver is an asshole…stand up to him…ama utangoja gatheca na arap mashamba?

woe unto you if you rely on the trio for your road safety.

Mundu bado unaguna? I remember one time long ago travelling from Bungoma in an Eldoret Express and the passengers were harassing the driver that he was too slow.

Lemme tell you guys a mini hekaya… Kuna siku na travel to kericho… The mini bus was speeding and taking sharp corners at a high speed…na nikwa mteremko… Ilikua usiku… Around 2.am…so when i complained… Niliambiwa nishuke… I travel na gari inaenda pole pole… At that time… Tuko kati kati ya msitu…

Nili nyamaza nika shikilia mara na mkono…

Ati kwani tumepanda mkokoteni.

This is Kenya where you r to choose your death trap either by police as mistaken identity ,on our poor built road ,by thugs in the estate and by counterfeit and GMO food all over from china . we have to die sometimes to create room for the new born

Hii pia nimeskia… because abiria wameombea “journey mercies” then they can relax sleep and wake up in Nairobi… accident happens lets blame it on build quality of the buses, serikali, barabara etc… but not the passengers


You are the people who justify incompetent leadership. The average Kenyan does not have the authority to enforce the law. Umesikia chenye @Contractor anasema? What do you think will happen if you report him? Si Uhuru was “Angry” as he always is during a tragedy, and “ordered” the NTSA out of the Roads? Yet NTSA had put up an app and a campaign to make it easy for a person to report bad reckless driving?

You remind me of the IG and Uhuru who blame Kenyans for giving bribes when in fact it is his police officers extorting money from matatus.

Kwa hivyo nikiona dereva anaendesha basi vibaya nipigie IG au Uhuru?

^Yep. You should be having their numbers since you have become their lawyer

Mimi sitetei serikali at all…we all know the system has failed and will not start working any time soon so for the meantime, mimi na chukua usalama wangu mikononi mwangu…ION this would be a good chance for uhuru to show he means business…fire the minister of transport, threaten other non performing ministers

Stephen letoo wa citizen amedandia hiyo bus.

Accidents will always happen.
Lack of rule of law and road safety is what escalates such occurrences.
Failed state consequences.

tumia akina modern coast or kama ni shuttle kuna akina Prestige shuttle which are well-disciplined hata kama fare iko juu but uko comfy and they are well driven. Mimi country bus siwezi rudi

It is very simple to identify the police officers and police posts that are contributing to increased number of PSV vehicle accidents.

Hii bus point of depature ilikuwa machakos bus station, hapo police wanapewa bribe for overloading + na ya kufunga macho since the bus has a tampered speed governor and they will be overspeeding during the overnight journey.

By the way si ati people don`t complain about overloading, they do, but the night buses/matatus have chokoras on the payroll, ukileta shida wanaitwa and since the police at machakos bus station are also on the payroll hata upigwe and you report nothing will happen.

Hapo machakos several buses wait for the ideal time late in the night around 11-12, so that they can tamper with the speed governor, overspeed, not encounter police on the road (polisi hawapendi baridi) and arrive on time (around 6 to 7 asubuhI) for the return trip to Nairobi.

Pale Gilgil weighbridge polisi who I believe are the only police you will encounter on a night trIp on that route, polisi wanakula Yao ya overloading and overspeeding.

Avoid all busus/matatus/nisasans operating at machakos bus station(country bus), ni wakora wamejaa huko.

It is a shitty country.

I had never seen a “Sambaza” in Nairobi during Kibaki Era. But siku hizi zimejaa sana. Uhuru is just a waste of time.

Kenya public transport is a thug industry.

People here have always reminded us that they prefer to hire hugs who will cut corners and bring profit than honest man who will obey the traffic rules and make loss or less profit.

Choice have consequences. Starting from low level choice like bus driver to high level choice like presidency.

Ata sisi tutapiga kelele hapa leo yote,then tusahau till the next accident happen