Even Animals do not live in their own feces

I was watching the film Imperium that revolves around White Supremacists in the UK. One guy was asked how he got into the movement. This is what he said:

[INDENT]I had my theories, and then a three-month engineering contract opened up in Kenya.
I was young, I wanted to see the world and, Nate, I got no problem with them having
their own country. Everyone should. But if you go there and you see…
They weren’t even living like animals. Animals don’t live in their own feces. Do they?
So if you have any doubt that the White man created civilization, just go have a look.

I guess these pictures are what inspired these nasty words:

[SPOILER=And do not open this if you’re eating]

So sad because the likes of Kabura and Associates waliiba pesa za kujengea hawa watu vyoo. Na vile vichache vilivyoundwa were rejected and vandalized by some morons!!!

I weep for you my country!


Quit your lies. That is not Kenya.
Here is Kenya


no wonder they diarrhoea all the time. caution: shitty post…

Yeah cz they used gunpowder and guns to plunder other countries…, lately what good have you done to improve the lives of those folks house nigga?

I opened the pic with a disclaimer and literally smelt that shit. It’s maddening and sad how far we have and come and at the same time how far back we have gone.
But these white men, people from 1st world countries coming here and making such statements is just as maddening…they have their own issues with people living in their own shit.
We were okay before they colonised us…we were not animals before they came to Africa.


It is exactly because that statement stung that I have posted this here. But when you look at those pictures without ma-feelings, you’ll be left with a nagging question: “Where did we go wrong?”


Yeah, I agree… we always pussyfoot around when it comes to hunting down these thieves who steal our money…
Argh! This shit makes me sick just thinking about it…

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spare a thought for those whom toilets are built and they go get petrol to burn…


This one was enough…

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it was the beginning…


As much as that ish is disheartening, what’s more painful is people who have their heads stuck so far up their assess that they’re ignorant to reality. My case in point is those two morons (the 1st & 3rd) who were first & fast to comment on this thread.
I’m so appalled by some people’s thinking:mad::frowning:


This is why so far i have avoided living in Nairobi. That “city” is is a sea of human excreta, urine, detergents, and plastic.


I have a theory. Capitalism and democracy and all that bullshit is a creation of the white man. Africans in essence were always communists in a way. We had a sense of community and oneness.
After colonialism, we were indoctrinated into the white man’s ways where each man for himself and Africans, as we read in the news, does that and more. He steals and steals like there’s no tomorrow.
In conclusion, we need our unique form of governance. Something that is our own. That way, our brothers and sisters will not be living in excrement. Don’t be cheated, there are lots of people in such situations in the developed world just that no one shows you. I’ve been to a first world country like New Zealand with stray dogs, no running water, kids committing suicide, drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, homeless etc. You will never see this on tv.


it’s delusional to ttry to sound too clever…

It’s even worse to be dyslexic.
Note: I was referring to the 1st & 3rd morons who replied to the thread.
Ur only important to urself man.

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What would happen if an African crew descended on such ( ghettos of the developed nations) with cameras ? I’m sure the locals would not allow it. Only the African participates in his own humiliation.

Another situation; would Americans or Europeans allow some African guy come to their town and redirect resources or exploit locals unchecked? Nope ! Meanwhile Western corporations and nations get through pass to dry fry African economies - because we allow it.

I hate two things, denying our problems and/or only blaming the imperialists for our issues.


Next time you decide to call me a ‘moron’ please tag me.


Couldn’t have put it any better.

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