Evans Kidero on the spot over missing Sh21 billion in Nairobi County

“More than Sh21.89 billion in payments was not recorded so we cannot know who was paid, and 7,346 manual revenue collection receipt booklets were deleted from the digital system,”

“We found Sh1.5 billion more pending bills when we checked individual departments, which was different from what was in the handover report. This means the liability is more,” head of Risk Consulting Brian De Souza said.


No suprises here.

Kidero is the most corrupt thug in a suit that’s ever ascended to public office in Kenya.
And he does it so casually knowing he’s guaranteed to get away with it.

Accept and move on… nothing will be recovered and nobody will be prosecuted!

and just like mumias no action will be taken against the thug…

He actually knows how to cover his tracks…Ojienda is always by his side sealing all legal loopholes… I feel sorry for guys who worked in the accounts department…am sure he intentionally exposed them, they will face a lengthy court battle

how and where do u get the moral authority to say so, ohh jubilidiot???

Bado hujapona?

I am not surprised.

Leave the man to enjoy his pound of cake as Jubildiots call it, Kenyans have alot of money thats peanuts , look at the unacccounted for Trillions of those in office before disturbing Kidero who is no longer in Office.

Surely they have backup in place, in any case there are ways to recover deleted files, perhaps via a third-party data recovery software or data recovery services.

Right now Nairobi should be chaos, people demanding to know where the money is. Ksh21 billion is alot of money. Lakini wapi.
Nairobians are too Dope and too Slay for such, but will die for politicians to get at the eating table.

Anyways, here are some dope glasses for you .


And over 40B will be unaccounted for by 2022 because no one will be prosecuted.

Really? I don’t think so.

kidero is safe. he has maraga’s courts to put an injunction on any investigation.

be afraid of a thug in a suit,if armani or brioni be very afraid.

Sad reality.

Thanks for the glasses, [ATTACH=full]162099[/ATTACH]

Think again. Samuel gichuru of kplc looted 1 billion dollars U.S.

He should not be on the spot but in jail

Phew ! ! ! ONE BILLION DOLLARS, Hmmmm ! ! ! Check the number of zeros again.