Evans Kidero Foundation put on ice.

Fazul pia hatakangi ujinga, the Evans Kidero ‘foundation’[SIZE=1]([/SIZE][SIZE=2]money laundering enterprise [/SIZE][SIZE=1]) [/SIZE][SIZE=4] has been deregistered and assets frozen and with that, the campaign funds for his re-election as Nairobi’s governor as well as ODM campaign funds. Interesting times ahead.

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Nimependa sana

Too little, too late. Pesa yake imewekwa mahali mingi sana. The man is a super billionaire in cash and assets. Those who failed to pay their land rates on time got their land repossessed by the county. Instead of it reverting to National Land Commission it was supposedly taken over by the county and somehow acquired by city Hall chiefs. Prime lands worth billions. You people mnalia NYS 600 million, when the reveal comes along it will be goldenberg, Anglo leasing combined.


Thug Kidero ameiba ya kutosha. Time to send him home.


Er, er, er, er, you forgot one small detail. Judge Odunga. The most powerful force on earth. He can reverse anything.

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Does that include the Hacienda hapo Ngara? It is alleged that it’s his.

The other day he was on TV and was saying how some guy went to visit him in his office and gave him money. Joked that everyone who plans to visit him should take him money. Well that is what happens. One cannot go see him or any other senior official without “lunch” ya maelfu. In all the counties I doubt there is any governor that has amassed as much as this guy.

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that bastard will be put in his place sooner rather than later.

Uh ohhhhh…

kesho asubuhi kweupe he will move to court to get a stay order…and by the time kesi imalizwe kusikizwa tutakuwa 2022…lawyers must be salivating at the thought…what happened to the judge tunoi bribery case


What about the account of one Ronald kidero he was included as the sonko of kidero foundation

I’m awaiting Sonko to release that dossier in full, wacha hii kidogo dogo. First county government increase land rates in the targeted area so that it’s high enough to be substantial then they let them fail to pay for a year as it interest payments pile up monthly. Then they strike.

Hata huyo Sonko could be in on it, he is a shady character too. He has some crooks working for him in the city, so hio dossier yake I would take the info with a pinch of salt.


Kideros point man is a shady dude nicknamed Chairman, huyo jamaa alikula 500K yangu, but isokay isorait.


Hahaaas shaimani alikulambaa?

What’s the story?

What do you have against Ron?

The dossier didn’t originate from Sonko but sent to him because he is the only one who isn’t on the take or hungry for cash. Therefore he will expose him. Problem is he is doing it kidogo kidogo probably waiting for elections.

The chief of staff

Boss Money lost through NYS is estimated to be over 6 Billion and counting and most of it went to the Prince’s uncle Gatheca ule Ali bribe Mps wa committee report ibadilishwe


Not really. He is also on the take. It was probably sent to him because he is the only one with balls big enough to confront Kidero since he stands to benefit from the fall of Kidero.

If Sonko also gets elected, I expect the same shenanigans

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