Evaluate your relationships guys.

How would you handle this scenario.It’s on a holiday or a weekend. You know you have to take your girlfriend out to have fun. You happen not to have enough cash for fuel and the outing in general. I guess y’all dudes know the right amount of cash a man should be carrying to feel confident.

You tell your lady that you don’t have enough cash and she should come over to your place to hang out. The lady says since you will not be going out, she will accompany her pal and her boyfriend to some resort. Or choose to go out with her friends instead.

What kind of a picture does that send you? To me it shows that when you are not in a position to take her out, she can ditch your ass anytime and make plans of her own that doesn’t include you. As a man that is a woman you should dump as soon as you can. There is no future between the two of you.

Examine your relationships guys and find out whether when you can’t deliver your woman opts to make her own plans that exclude you.


There are many good women out there. This one, however, is toxic. It’s time to explore other options brother


That is the proverbial Kunguru.

Washana naye.


Definitely not a keeper, explore more options…


Baba Panya I agree with you, the script is all too common, ur chic will be a third wheel and in order to ensure she is not bored the dude will invite one his pals to come give ur gal company…that might not be the only thing he gives her.

  1. Stop being insecure. The punani is yours when you are with her. It is not your property.
  2. Stop depending on one woman. Have seven or eight. At least one will want Netflix and chill.

Interesting imagination. Remember that nothing is free…NOTHING. A smart nigga will have to invite his friend to hit that pussy and the pal can chip in the costs of that trip. That is how it works.




Yap the kind of mbich that will leave you out in the cold at the slightest manifestation of harsh times.


Hii wisdom yako is better than siliver and gold. Kama vile Nesta Marley alisema.

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Pole kwa msiba. Just don’t imagine what she could be doing there.:D:D

This is similar to imaginations of leaving your wife upcountry and have thoughts of a shambabuoy banging her…let her be(the bitch she is) and let u be(the broke nigga you are).
Njaanuary mtakuwa pamoja tu quenching your dryspell thirsts from the little u wanted to share with her kwako. Lakini hii statement leaves a lot to question???(You happen not to have enough cash for fuel and the outing in general)

Where do you get these women?

If a lady prefers to be a third wheel instead of spending quality time with you then it’s obvious you don’t even have a relationship in the first place.


Reminds me of what my ex-girlfriend did to me sometime back in 2014. It happened that my jallopy was involved in an accident and as a result, I had spent so much money with the mechs to get back the jallopy back on the road. All this coincided with the girl’s birthday. It was in the month of njaanuary. Balaa tupu. So I tells her that things aint so good we can push to end month for a birthday treat. Dame hataki kusikia, she said she will go look for someone who can buy her a dress and shoes. And to go she did. I later saw on my Facebook timeline photos of her hanging out with some ashy faced guys at a mall eating Pizza and sipping Fanta. Thr photos were captioned as “best birthday ever” I sighed ‘oh well’ and moved on.


The bitch didn’t try to come back to your life?

She did try to come back but I replaced her after that incident. I understood her behavior because at the the time, she was just an immature 22 year old who thought the world owed her everything.

o_O:D:Dhapo umecheswo accept and move on


baby panya you are one unlucky SOB :D:D



enyewe hapo uyuko kwa reltnshp you are grooving