European Parliament Orders Museveni to resign from Power

[SIZE=7]European Parliament Orders Museveni to resign from Power [/SIZE]

The Germany chancellor has stayed in power for 15 years, the queen of england for over 50 years. Let them ask their own to retire first before questioning others. I don’t want to hear its in their constitution, even Uganda constitution has no term limits. This white people aren’t special.

Wabeberu hawa. Can’t blame them though when we ourselves allow to be DFHKMBL by all and sundry… It’s the Chinkus turn now. Yaani even Magufuli and Museveni get the guts to f*CK with our sovereignty.

Come next election cycle, we will all promptly retreat to our tribal cocoons and still vote in the foxes to watch over the chicken.

This is the quagmire here. Europeans think they can order african leaders around like puppets and that does not sit well. It is obvious museveni is a thug but that should be handled internally and not having foreigners dictate terms to Africa.

Beggers will always be slaves to creditors. So hata tukiongea tough aje the West and Chinese will always treat us like children and there is nothing we will do to them.

Let the that old croc called the queen of england step down 1st !

Kwanza huyu wetu amekatalia kwa kiti. They have absolutely no right to dictate ishus in Africa while the state of affairs in the whole of Europe is purely diabolical currently and for a long time to come.

Foreigners whose houses are in such a big mess and with Brexit upon them (and they don’t know where they are going with it), things can only continue going downhill. Yet they have time to zoom their lenses greedily on Mother Africa???. SMDH.:mad:

Still not quids in even if she steps down tho with old foggy clueless Charles next in line with Camilla by his side then his wooden looking son William described by the media as having the charm of a boring estate agent next.

O lawdy.

I don’t support these diktats, but the old fool M7 didn’t do himself any favors by doing what he did to MPs. Why he’d shine a spotlight on himself so brazenly, I don’t know. Many countries, even these European pretenders, torture people but they do it discreetly.

Long are days they used to dictate to us. Wajaribu tu step their books in UG. Watajua hajui ile mbio tutawatoa siaka. BlackHawk Down will look Like a child’s play

They think it’s the 1900s. They should know it’s the 2100s and it’s chinku’s turn to f*ck us.

Anzeni na huyu mchinku anawaita @MANKY pamoja na reza wenyu. Muache ku big up your chests hapa

And to fuck them Westerners too. Wee you should see how the UK bows down to China. It is painful to watch

Ile siku tutaamua enough is enough we will chase the mchinku to the end of Indian ocean. And then we deport Gathecha na looterdeh to ICC.

Ulifanya migunazim pia wewe?


Really !? You mean even the colonials have been colonized? That’s a consolation

Oh yes dear in more ways than one. I can only speak for the Country I reside in and I cannot say much either as niko ndani but Mchinku alikataa zamani sana. Mbrito alijaribu sana to shush the Chinaman with zero success. Tosheka na hiyo ama uende usome Chatham House publications…