European Cracker put down in SA

[B]A Pretoria man is in a coma in hospital after being shot in the head by police during an altercation in the early hours of Saturday morning.
Len Cloete, who is believed to be an owner of a gym in Rietvleirand, east of Pretoria, was injured during an altercation with police at a Muldersdrift Misty Hills lodge.

In a video doing the rounds on social media, a man who looks like Cloete can be seen drawing a gun and cocking it during what seemed like a heated argument with police officers.
A female police officer can be heard saying: “now you are playing dangerous” as she and other officers draw their guns.

Moments later, Cloete grabs the female police officer’s gun, after which another officer shoots in the head causing him to fall on the ground.[/B]

A gym sounds like a good front for wash wash business

Play Stupid games … , the other cop was following orders “shoot me” ! As for female cops they should have desk jobs or escort to male cops in incidences that involve children !

Its times like these that i appreciate murican D minuses. Hii story ingekua imeisha kitaaambo the minute aligusa gun yake and cocking it but coming down here in bonoboland,white supremacy iko chonjo,they let the guy badmouth them hadi snatching a gun from the sandwich maker…hio time yote wanatoa wapi? Meanwhile tuskie vile black cops shot a chilled out boer in spandex and du rag

They think their stupid White privilege prevails everywhere.

Akufe ngasia Mbwa shetani