European and Sub-Saharan African architecture through the ages

850 BC to AD 476

527 to 565

800 to 1200

1100 to 1450

1400 to 1600

1600 to 1830

1650 to 1790

1730 to 1925

1890 to 1914

Totally inaccurate western popular representation of the world.

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Pyramids don’t exist. Won’t talk about them.


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Pyramids built by the Ancient Egyptians

Timbuktu built by the Tuareg

Lalibela built by the Habesha

What are you trying to prove? We said here long ago that Africans have yet to complete the evolution process.

the greatest mistake our forefathers did was not documenting history from age to age

Since you are an academic dwarf, I won’t tell you that a number of Roman emperors were African. If you want to see superb ancient architecture, go to Cambodia in the far east

:D:D:D sub sahara tunapenda matope, lakini wacha kutuonea hivyo - nilisikia the reason we never invested heavily in buildings is because our weather has always been conducive for outdoor living, food was always readily available throughout the year so no need for investments in transport infrastructure , thus we have always been content.

Lakini sasa we have woken up, unaona vile tunachapa reli haraka

Wapi Cape Dutch architectural style?

Bro soma hiyo post yako tena vizuri, hatuongei zile vitu zililetwa na wakoloni, rather the limited scientific and artistic capabilities of sub saharan bonobos…