Europe’s Mild Winter Cushions Economic Blow of Ukraine War

Russia’s economic war with the West looks set to claim a much smaller toll on Europe than the brutal recession many economists warned about just months ago, due to falling energy prices and government intervention to buttress the continent’s economy.

A mild winter so far, efforts by businesses and households to cut energy consumption, successful moves by governments to find new natural-gas suppliers and hundreds of billions of euros in fiscal support mean Europe’s recession is likely to be shallow and brief—if it happens at all—according to fresh data and estimates.

And with energy costs now falling back toward levels seen before Moscow’s attack on Ukraine, the cost of the subsidies and tax relief deployed by European capitals to soften the blow are set to shrink, reducing their impact on public finances.
In Germany, Europe’s largest economy, output was unchanged in the final three months of 2022 compared with the previous quarter, contrary to expectations that the economy would contract, according to an early estimate issued Friday by the federal statistics agency. Government subsidies and a large backlog of orders have helped to restore confidence in Germany’s large industrial sector, as businesses rapidly reduced their reliance on Russian gas.

“According to the data we currently have, the economic slowdown over the winter half-year will be milder and shorter than expected,” said German Economy Minister Robert Habeck. “This country is showing what it can do. This is how resolutely we will continue to move forward this year.”

Given the vast amount of lies and disinformation western news media has been churning out on Ukrain/Russia war, There is absolutely no way of knowing if this is just another bunch of lies.

By default its just lies untill its seen to be true.

Next …

@messiahette hiyo lamestream media had it, initially, that the ruble will be rubble, russian economy will tank from all those sanctions etc.

Today, they are talking about european economy suffering less. When, why, where and how did the focus of topic change? From how badly the russian economy will do to how badly the european economy is doing? Endelea kusoma hizo, you will be brainwashed.

@Mosa is more wiser than @messiahette . Huyu ni zuzu.

Yeah, we all remember Russia piling thousands of economic sanctions on Europe :D:D:D

Wah! Putin’s crowd is very pained I see. :D:D
@Ndindu what happened your prediction that millions of Europeans would die from a harsh winter? Even the weather has abandoned Putin? The leverage he had on energy is melting faster than depleted snow caps. lol

It’s an open secret that his goal is establishing a multipolar world and de-dollarization. That’s called an economic war. How’s that going by way? :smiley:
Anyway it’s high time the world prepares for Russia’s inevitable collapse. Even Putin is toast!

Forget about Russia for a minute. Are you against de-dollarization of the world led by BRICS?

De-dollarisation is a long term goal so it won’t be an immediate outcome of the Nato aggression against Russia. China and Russia hold Amrrican bonds which are billions of dollars. In fact, China holds the largest American bonds. Dedollarisation will disadvantage Russia and China in the short term

That’s not important. The fact is that Putin is floundering on all fronts. He never expected NATO to defend Ukraine the way they have done and now the world can see that all along, the tough macho image he had cut out for himself was just hype. Putin is a weak leader.

Are you against de-dollarization of the world led by BRICS ?


Sawa. Lets consider this parable.

Some zebra somewhere said sijui the grass is blu, sijui because he eats it or something. A cheetah nearby said no, is green, not blue. The zebra raised a ruckus over this that reached king lion. King lion ordered the cheetah to be punished. Pained, cheetah followed up later why king lion ordered he be punished. King lion replied that his punishment was because he was arguing with a fool. He ought to have known better.