Europe is not a continent.

It’s part of Asian continent occupied by a very hostile group of motherfuckers.

What is a continent ?

Why can’t Asia be called Europe then.

It is the appendage here. Your dick might have mucho control over your life but its still an appendage.

It’s all one piece of land though.

The borders are political.
Europe is a cultural concept and in as much as there is a contiguous landmass from Lisbon to Vladivostok, there had to be border somewhere that divided Europeans from people who did not look like them.

That had to be the Ural Mountains in Russia which cut across the huge country from North to South.

Looking at that world map, why did countries across the northern hemisphere (usa, europe, japan) make great strides in scientific and economic development that was not replicated in the southern hemisphere?

Places like India had written language, culture and civilization thousands of years before the northern hemisphere. India should be far ahead of Europe.

Ni nini ilifanyika? What happened?

British colonised and killed most of their industries. By the time the British were leaving, India had become the biggest market of British finished goods.

The Indians failed to become a naval power. For all the writing, culture and civilization they had, they did what the Chinese failed to do after them- build a strong navy. They’re not alone either. The Khmers, Incas, Aztecs and Ethiopians never bothered with naval supremacy.

China however has learned from history, especially the Opium Wars. They will never be under anyone’s boot.

And Africa remains the biggest continent.

But why are European so hostile? No other living group of people has caused so much pain in the world. Sasa walikuwa wakiconcur continents za nini?

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