Europe company background checks for employment. Those things are not a joke

but cannot work well in Africa/Kenya. For example, in the US, a social security number attached to a person can bring up their credit score, criminal record, drug record, employment and even school history even upto 30 years ago. In Kenya, an ID number can literally get you nowhere. If I want to find out and confirm a person’s history there is literally no way you can do it unless you spend enough money. Anyway I just found it interesting and understood why politicians lie about their backgrounds, simply because if you decide to verify you will die with stress.

you will be killed by stress

If the lives of our politicians were to be scrutinized keenly about 50% of the mofos would be out of a job.

No, he means that if you try verifying anything using someone’s ID in Kenya:-

  1. You will die.
  2. Stress will also die.


Die of stress

ebu apply for passport ama DL ndio utaona gover ikona usoro ! The govt has alot on you if the so wished to screw you

50% is on the low side hao maumbwa karibu wote are professional criminals.

These are very modest figures , it’s more at 90% and the 10% left is for doubt only.

What I am trying to say is, if you get a job in Europe or US and they want to verify your life details, they will not have an easy time. Africa is way too undeveloped.

skuizi the government has upd its game go to a huduma center for a renewal of your ID as soon as the teller types the first numbers of your ID your whole profile appears…

Funny as shit but sadly true :slight_smile:

they will have an easy time. Its true there they will get you but across State boundaries in say US its a bit tricky. Many people use State borderlines to hepa but the good ol PATRIOT ACT under the Homeland Security aegis post 911 has made it tougher to sneak around inter-state for certain demographics and people tagged with certain meta indicators.

The certain demographics exclude white males with assault rifles and unresolved anger issues.

They are free to cross state borders and enter schools, malls and hotels with their full armoury.

Hahahaha. It is no wonder they are so successful in their perversions and predatory orgies except if they dare claim ascendancy to the lunar calendar. Their meta indicators and for that matter luck will then instantly turn on them in binary fashion!