First I congratulate KTN for coming to the aid of the financially challenged (peasants) and airing the matches live live. . . but hao analysts sio lazima waongee kilami,most things are lost in translation.
Ni hayo 2

are they airing all the Games ???

you should have told us earlier bana, hapa tumekazana kwa laptop kufunga matab za virusi

woi na vile hapa Ujeru station kama nne zinaoneshana for free… Alafu ukiwa on the move as in not close to yr Tv kuna KODI ya mobile ama Mobdro app…kila mahali kuna free wifi for now

Sasa wewe nani amekuuliza kama ujerumani zinaoneshwa bure, kama hauna kitu ya maana kusema nyamaza.


We should actually attribute this to betting. The battle for advertising space by betting companies has seen money circulate thoroughly in the quest for marketing to woe more customers and where else to throw in this moneys than sponsor Live games where it’s it’s clients are.

I reckon towards the end of the epl season KTN showing some games on Saturday and am hoping that with this trend and more money coming in, we shall have a second force to secure broadcast rights for epl and see off the monopoly by DSTheiVes