Euro quarters Spain Vs Germany

Game ni muoto

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Supporting Spain

Germany inapinywa kama nabii

I want both sides to win…na haiweskani.

Hii inakaa kwenda penalties

Waah!! The host are out

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Spain will be in finals

Maybe, but our African representatives aka France are also sufficiently equipped to take them out on Tuesday, if they get their act together. I think France will lift this okombe. Tonight I want England wapigwe kama burukenge by the Swiss

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Spain nikama kucheza na Gen Z… Wanahemesha madefenders sana. They are actually playing new school football

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France vs Turkey final will be one hell of a good game

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Spain v Turkey ndio moto. Turkey wako na kijana ameivaa sana pia

England Mdau


Celebrate World Cup GIF by EA SPORTS FC

They going home tonight

It’s not coming home