Euro kicks off

Germany Vs Scotland

Scotland wanapelekwa mbio mbio na vile walikua na mdomo kabla ya game ianze.

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Overall, Euro 2024 promises to be an exciting event, given the current level of competition and talent in European soccer. The tournament will be held in Germany, which in itself promises a top-class organization and a great atmosphere at the stadiums or you can go through Melbet registration and watch at home. Important aspects to pay attention to:

Tournament favorites: As usual, teams like France, Germany, Spain and Italy are strong contenders to win the tournament. Their squads are packed with talented players, many of whom have already proven themselves on the international stage.

Dark Horses: There is always the possibility that teams that are not traditionally seen as favorites can surprise. For example, Croatia and Belgium have already shown strong results in previous tournaments.

Young Talent: A lot of attention will be paid to the young players who will be participating in such a big tournament for the first time. Their performances can have a significant impact on the matches.

New rules and technology: The tournament will probably use new technology such as VAR, which could have a significant impact on the outcome of the matches.

Impact of fans: After the corona pandemic, the return of fans to the stadiums will be important. Their support could be an important factor for the home teams.

All in all, Euro 2024 promises to be an exciting and unpredictable tournament with many interesting matches and surprises.

Is this European cup or african cup? too many black players. I do not support this.