Euro 2024 Semifinals

Spain Vs France
England Vs Netherlands

Spain Vs England final.

Spain wins. That’s my prediction


France vs Netherlands final…France to win it.

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Spain Vs England

You know who will take it

The Beautiful Game Win GIF by World Cup

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Bora England isiwin. Any other team okay

Whoever wins tonight will lift it. I somehow prefer Spain at this point but If any team could beat them, it would be France.

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France inauliwa

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Spain vs Netherlands. A repeat of 2010 world cup. Spain wins. Yamal will be the player of the tournament.

France reminding me of Chelsea FC, mbio za kishenzi.

France disappointing today

Tombwa matako .umbwa

Yamal the kid blessed when only 6 months old by the :goat: of football himself Messi. What a beautiful goal he scored last night at only 16 years of age?

England :joy::joy:

Unacheka nini?

More pictures please

Spain vs England final it is