Eureka! A Designer Constitution To Suit CORDiots

STRATEGISTS working on a formula to bring together the Opposition chiefs ahead of next year’s elections have proposed the reintroduction of the position of Prime Minister and two Deputy PMs.

[B]The team has also proposed that the Constitution be amended to create the three positions in a mode that will also change the current Presidential system to a parliamentary system of government.

With this arrangement, the Opposition will have nine key positions to share among their top vote bloc leaders in the event they form the next administration.[/B]

Fortunately, changing the 2010 Constitution is no easy task, and will require convincing 40 million Kenyans that creating 9 kipande-cha-mkate positions has any benefits to anybody other than the CORDiots.


Hii nyama itatosha kweli?

This u can agree with. If they also agreee to remove either senators or governors, MCAs and Women’s Reps.


Taramdaramdam23 minutes ago
After ditching the MoU signed with Kalonzo in 2013 (not forgetting the precedent-setting one he had with Nyachae in 2002), only a hopeless politician would enter into a post elections agreement with conman Babun Ojinga.

It is not a secret that self-seeker Raila Ojinga favoured the parliamentary system when he knew that he did not have enough numbers. However buoyed by incumbency, drunk with the supervisory powers of the Wazimu Mkuuship, and assured by the ICC fixings, Sisyphus Ojinga saw no competition that would stop his 2013 bid. That’s the reason why Ojinga threw his hypocrisy out of the window and supported the presidential system in 2010.

Little did he know that Mungu is Othumani.!!!


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Meffi imehepa choo. Hold your noses!

Punda ametandwa na monkey trader

Wanatumia GMO technology kuongeza nyama…
All four legged animals will have two extra well developed legs

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Hio kelele ya CORD whatever munaleta hapa hatutaki. Tunangoja HRC to be elected into White house … asanteni

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