Eugene Omondi JKUAT student, Kelvin Mutiso held over roysambu murder, man on cctv is still at large

Mutiso had blood stains under his finger nails. His friend Omondi of JKUAT were with him on the night in question with a tenant on the third floor one Kinoti. They all appeared before Madaraka law courts today. They are being held for further 10 days with the owner of the Airbnb Priscilla Maina.

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post link ya story

Ghafla and the star

sweethrt mambo ?ii mambo ya femicide ni kama imekupea sleepless nights .


Femicide was one thing but chopping a child like a chicken and after desecrating the corpse you take off with the head. This girl was so innocent, she declined to meet this no good demon for months. Then he told her that he was leaving the country so that she’d give in. Like seriously is anyone safe anymore with these kinds of animals in society? The next time they are unable to dupe women in to meeting them they will start randomly kidnapping even kids. We need to get to the bottom of this like yesterday.

BTW mambo ya sweetheart kwa mtadao is officially OVER. This is how women are being lured to their deaths. Hatutaki hio mambo tena. Saa hii sweetheart ni police station. We are not ready to die kwa mambo ya upuzi.

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