EU 'will agree terms' with Kenya if other EAC countries reject EPA dea

The European Union’s ambassador to Kenya, Stafano Dejak, has said the bloc will find a way of agreeing the terms of trade with Kenya if other East African nations fail to sign the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) deal by January.

The deadline for signing by East African Community (EAC) countries was initially set for October 1 but was moved to January.

Only Kenya and Rwanda have signed the EPAs deal that grants the region some privileges to export horticultural products to the European Union without customs charges.

But under a deal signed in 2001 and renewed in 2011, all EAC countries have to sign to enjoy the benefits



Wapi megafool’s doomsday cult who keep saying how the agreement is flawed in favour of EU wa ambiwe meli imeng’oa nanga.

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God bless Magufuli.

This EPA had nothing to do with Tanzania since they are theoretically LDC so they can still export without tarrifs.

Let Kenya negotiate like men. Not hiding under the shadow of magafuli.

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he he he, megafool and you were counting on this deal to go south for kenya, mkatae kusign hiyo EPA sasa mtaona moto ,mnadhani LDC status itawasaidia ?.

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Museveni was also against the deal, though silently… So this subject doesn’t have to be about Magufuli…but points to the calibre of technocrats that adviced the decision makers of the affected countries.

Am sure the kenya flowers association managed to dissuade the leadership that this EPA will benefit Kenyans and is paramount to the achievement of vision 2030 and MDGs.

na wewe sema BYE BYE to your emerging industries, sababu ya facts hamtaweza shindana na bidhaa za wale jamaa and thumbs up to the flower industry that fought toe to toe in making this deal viable. Tz was doing y’all a favor, nyie leteni nye nye nye saa hii. Mtaelewa baadae

Karma is a bitch!!

Magufool (and M7 for reasons unknown) have allowed their envy to blind them. If Kenya and the EU agree and it turns out better for us, we’ll hear even louder grumbling and accusations that Kenya only looks out for Kenyan interests.

Envy gani? Looking after one’s country interest is not envy. Magufuli hana biashara ikulu, yule ni mtoto wa muuza pombe, ndio jina pombe limetokea, yupo pale kama mtumishi wa nchi kwa ajili ya maslahi mapana ya wananchi, unlike your business man presdent Uhuru.

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BTW hii story ya EPA, Kenya should be very careful because it can be a double-edged sword. I don’t trust these whiteys.

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In what way is it a double-edged sword?

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