Eti uncircumcised dick is sweeter

I’ve heard several whores say that uncircumcised dick feels better than circumcised dick. I make a point of asking if they’ve had both and their opinions. I regret getting circumcised. It wasn’t my choice since I was very young back then. Right now all these beautiful chics would be enjoying my dick with its prepuce and thanking me for another good fuck.

Circumcised or uncircumcised let’s fuck today, tomorrow and forever.

Another piece of shitty post.

ukitombwa mkundu na @Freakazoid si lazima tujue , umbwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tafuta mjaluo akutie nyuma ujue utamu yake.

your peninsula is small

Bomoa closet pole pole.


Why you even mentioning me in this shit nigga even don rem your ass exists here …Nigga
When you “block” someone you supposed to kick rocks …
we ain in the same league no more stop tryna pan handle using me bitch!!


Why are you concerned with male sexual organs? Gay feeling.

Is this man married ?


Utapigwa Equator tena

Utajua hujui

Keep it to yourself. Gaaayy

sasa unataka kujaribu? ama whats the point to your raving and ranting?