Eti Siku Hizi Huyu Bwana Mdogo Anapapasa Ma-Slay Queen Matako Pale YouTube

How time flies!!! Ukitaka kujua unazeeka, angalia watoto…juuuuuzi tu this is what they looked like

I used to watch Makutano Junction but can’t remember any of them, maybe I was too young. Lakini the kid seems to be doing well. I hear he does well in school, the stardom doesn’t seem to be affecting his studies. Plus his YouTube channel seems to be popular, with each video receiving hundreds of thousands of views. Inakaa huyu kijana amejipanga.

ni wa kupigwa makofi huyu

It was machachari. Ndio huyu bro wake


huyu naye ni chali dame nini

Machachari ndio iliwa-make famous but according to that second video, Baha and Govi were in Makutano Junction before being picked for Machachari.


when will we ever get a kenyan kid doing a tutorial on how to set up a wamserver for first use in your machine? People try too hard on comedy, politics and advertisement on their YouTube channels so much.

Hiyo ni kawaida ya wakenya, no one has any original ideas, that’s why you find a building with 3 shops and all of them are Mpesa agents. Kwanza YouTube sahii naona kenyan channels mingi ni za couples talking about their love life, or “celeb” mothers updating us on how they’re enjoying the journey that is motherhood.

with very good pixel videos and blurred backgrounds and stereo sound in top of the range houses. So sick of these kind of lifestyle that has lost touch with the reality of our lives. Sijasahau with some graphics with captivating quotes.

From his days at machachari, his mannerisms on the screen and the way he used to deliver his Swanglish alikua aki-exude dezyn za the proverbial slay king / chali-dame

hahaha anafaa kupigwa mateke na @size8