Eti marriage needs a compromise?

I have heard an advice from a friend eti for marriage to work it needs a compromise. Is that true eti hata ukiona red flags za a partner philandering. Married folks here how do you hold up in this 21st century liberal society. It’s like every marriage relationship is by default open. The women side are more Machiavellian and cautious when it comes to cheating if punani ingekuwa na rubber stamp ya last scene. Wah civilization iko ina crumble pole pole.

@Willywonka we don’t cheat…some of us…the kind of planteshen we are in…we have strong loyal women who sometimes (for me not speaking for anyone else in planteshen)earn alot more in the BUSSINESS I set up for her …so it’s her choice to go out and look for dick… instead of my wise counsel she must be dumber than @TrumanCapote

I have a married young lady on my neck wanting to come over for some pipe. I pity any man getting married in this day and age. Your wife will run into me somewhere, I’ll catch her checking me out, I’ll wink, she’ll smile, I’ll get her number, and I’ll fuck her in about a week like a two-dollar whore, and you’ll never find out.

Extreme compromises , that’s the only reason sworn enemies share a bed, pretend to be happy and there is no massacre in the family! Love dies, only joint responsibility

Marriage is a no.

Planteshen is sweet. Ask @Yuletapeli and @Azor Ahai

Marriage iko sawa, watu ndio huwa wabaya.
Ni kama biashara, not everyone is a successful business man. Ni venye it involves feelings otherwise ningekuwa na branches Kila sub-county :smiley:

It’s very difficult to convince peeps that people like me have been married for more than 13yrs with the same Woman a Godly Woman who wouldn’t give her pussy to the so called richest man in Kenya (konyangi)but it is what it is some of this species are special na ni God tu…kwa mtaa Kama tu apa utapatana na sampuli ya Malaya mzee @TrumanCapote ama @Freyja ama @Hot lanyee…who you choose is up to you and your God… wanaume wote wako na influence na pesa wakisimama mbele ya kirende wapewe awards most of them acknowledge the important role their wives played for them to get their

Word of advice, never ever say your wife can’t cheat. You can’t control another person’s actions, and if she cheated, you’d never know. Another thing, hiyo stori ya wives helping a man succeed is usually some consolation so the men don’t feel like they wasted years dragging around dead weight. Unless a wife has contributed directly to your business in terms of investment or labor, she has done nothing to help the man succeed. She’s merely a spectator watching the husband build an empire as she watches and tags along to enjoy the benefits of his labor. In fact, such a man would probably be way further in life if he were single, disciplined, and ambitious.

Let’s agree to disagree…like i said this concept is alien to most peeps

Hehehehe… I asked this once awhile ago,why is it that you planteshen men are on this forum 24-7 ? Just a random look at your profile and I can see you are in ktalk 18 hours a day everyday since last year … Heke , give your GOAT wife some deek bana and your kids a bit of attenshen…they deserve it.

Freya ningekuomba mzigo but unfortunately I am married to a 20-year old chick currently

Nyamaza kama hujui kitu unasema tafasali.

Cc. @Heke

Haha a man leads,his woman follows.

Appreciate your wife,respect your home and value your family.Hayo tu

[SIZE=5]Hehe, Freyja team planteshen hatutumii bundles kama team ya mgtow. TThat’swhy inakaa tuko online tthroughout We rarely logout :D:cool:. By the way ulishapata mujamaa nikutafutie my cousin, ni doktari anataka kuoa sides za central nimewatengenezea CV kweli kweli eti hamsumbui. Nirushie mbisha :D[/SIZE]

Lazima uoe. Lazima tusukume gurudumu pamoja.

If they are married under Godly oath, you will fall under a curse. Don’t let your dick mess up your life and that of your offspring.

One bad fruit doesn’t mean the entire tree is worth cutting down. Ukioa malaya ataendeleza umalaya. Ukioa mwenye nidhamu ataendeleza nidhamu. It’s that simple.

Really???why does it bother peeps how many hours i spend on this cesspit it’s becoming boring…like i have told others before you…nilikafunga kitambo…miaka pia imesonga i choose what to do with my time na sikunywangi masaa iyo yote nakuwanga kijiji

If she has not been satisfied with the dick for the last 13yrs i can’t satisfy her with the six hours left in my day since last year

It’s pure escapism…but whatever you tell yourself to sleep better at night my friends- It’s not my business at all.